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Introducing a Real Mum Story – Journey from 1 – 2 children


Louise takes some time out only 4 months into her postpartum journey to share her personal story going from 1 child to 2!

Louise had a pretty easy going textbook pregnancy and baby with her first, so when she fell pregnant with baby number two and had another easy going pregnancy she expected the same with her new baby. 

Unfortunately, each baby is different and comes with her own set of challenges and firsts for a mother, and with an older child to care for at the same time, it can see many new challenges that many second time mothers simply are not prepared for (myself included). 

Join us as Louise shares her story! 



Sleep deprivation can be one of the biggest factors that a second mother has to deal with which can be debilitating. 



  • We discuss sleep deprivation and just how Louise managed through that period
  • We find out how Louise set herself up with a circle of support
  • What she was expecting v’s reality
  • How each baby can be very different!


Introducing Louise!

Louise is a devoted wife to Cameron and a proud mummy to her three-year-old Giselle and four-month-old Florence and a fur baby Rommel!

Along with the journey of motherhood, Louise is the founder of West Assured Mums – an online support group for families and a very proud and passionate founder of Friend In Me who hosts social inclusion events for children who feel lonely, isolated or may have been bullied and not been to a party before.

Louise is devoted to changing the stigma and making sure that no child is left behind.


More on our conversation

1) Let’s start at the start, tell me about from when you found out you were pregnant and let’s go from there 

2) Each birth and baby is different

3) How did you get the support you needed?

4) What would you recommend a new mother expecting another child do before birth?


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