I believe it takes intention to create a better future for ourselves and I think it’s important and necessary that we all set goals to strive for.

Specially to make a more aligned journey through motherhood. 

So if you are feeling like you want to start creating a better experiencing and future in your life and motherhood journey check out these 4 steps!

Step 1: Understand what brings you Peace & Joy

Creating a vision for yourself and your life first requires you to ask yourself “what it is that gives my life meaning, purpose, and joy?”

What makes you smile instantly when you think about it? 

It is not difficult to determine what your special ability, gift or interest is. 

Just ask yourself: “What do I look forward to more than anything else in the world?”

What brings me the most peace & joy?

What lights me up the most and makes me scream happiness?

I know for me I love being out in my garden and listening to the trees rustle.  I love the sun on my skin and feeling the warmth and the heat.

Swimming makes me feel calm and free – I love being at the beach with my family and enjoying a day out in the sun and playing.

Step 2: Visualisation 

Now that you have decided to take action by creating a list of your interests, and joy activities, it is time to form a vision around them.

Spend a good 10 – 15 minutes meditating and visualing your future. 

How you want your future to be in 3, 6 or 12 months.  Even think about a 10 year plan.

Close your eyes when you have some time uniterupted.  You might like to do this while your little one is napping or when you are about to go to bed.

Imagine how your day starts off, what are you doing, wearing, how does the air smell, who is with you? 

How do your days start off?  Do you feel calm, ready and eager to start your day?

Do you want to feel organised and ready to leap into the day with a sense of renewed life and sense or purpose?

Spend some time journaling after this visualisation and visit this visualisation as much as you need to keep you on the right path.

Step 3: Set your goals 

Once you have decided what you want to do to create a better life for yourself by creating a vision.

The next step is to set goals that will serve as stepping stones toward fulfillment of your vision.

You can start setting these goals by asking yourself questions like:

What kind of mother do I want to be?  What are my values?  What is important to me?

It’s easy to get swept up in the world’s idea of what a good mother is, but what do you feel is important in your motherhood journey?

Some deem being a stay at home mother one of the most important things, while others feel being present and focusing on 20 minutes of connection a day to be important.

Do you like cooking and baking?  Catching up with friends?  Getting out for some yoga or daily meditation?

Make sure your short-term goals are realistic and the rest – big!  Be clear, meaningful, well defined, and make sure your goals EXCITE you!

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Step 4:  Enjoy the journey and pay attention

As you begin a new day today, always keep in mind everything that you have written down and envisioned for your better future. 

Although you probably do not have the means to immediately jump into your goals and plans above, you can still start working towards a new reality by thinking of the outcomes while you are doing your best today.

Of course you still wake up each day living your current life, but with little steps towards your goal you can eventually get to your best life!

For example:

I want vision practicing yoga in the morning and walking around my garden with my children before our day starts.

Currently my days begin with me in a rush, barely making it to kindy drop offs in time and feeling rush, frustrated and like I have no time in my day.

My new plan is to get up an hour earlier and go to bed an hour earlier.  So I get enough sleep.  I am up ample time to not feel so rush and I have a list of things I need to do in time to get us to our goal.

If I follow this simple small goal, I know my morning will feel less rushed, overwhelming and I will be calmer.

Let me know what you will be focusing on to bring a little bit of peace & joy into your life?

Whether you are trying to conceive a baby at the moment or finding yourself with a bit of a surprise, I want you to know that there is support for you on your journey into Motherhood!  



Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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