7 Reasons why I love to celebrate Father’s Day



Today I have realised I really love Fathers Day.  I love it because it’s a day to honour and celebrate my husband as a parent.
I talk a lot about the role of a mother, and I spend a lot of time talking to and supporting mothers.  It’s not often that I take time out to think about the kind of support that our hunk-a-spunk Dad’s need.  I came across this awesome group called Dads.Co that has been built to support modern day Dad’s who are just trying to be good Dad’s, while still trying to keep up that masculine look (personally I think there is nothing more masculine than a hands on father!) – so if you know a Dad who is looking to connect or support, send them to the hyperlink above!

This year is the first year we celebrate the day with two children… so today it felt even a bit more special.  This morning as we woke up…I brought the kids into see their Daddy who was already awake and in the living room, and told our miss 2.5 years to run in and give her Daddy a cuddle and say Happy Father’s Day, and give him a kiss… I presented him with his 1 present, which was a personalised book about Daddy and his two girls.  I got to pick the way the characters looked as well, so we all got a bit of a kick out of the story and the way the characters looked.


Our plans had changed due to our extended family being sick, so I let hubby decide how he would like to spend his day.  I cooked us all a massive big breakfast, with a side of fresh fruit salad, pastries & juice.  We headed up to Mount Tamborine which is a gorgeous, lush mountain full of special little spots of rainforests, bush, panoramic views, beautiful gardens and just pure bliss.  We were disappointed to see our usual gardens were packed out, but we remember it was Father’s Day, so of course it was super busy!  We had a loved up family day in the sun.

Royce & our two little girls Rosie, 2.5 years and Annie 8.5 months


While we were enjoying our day I was secretly thinking about all of the reasons why my hubby is an amazing father.  I decided that Father’s Day is an amazing day, and here are my 7 reasons why I love Father’s Day


  1. He loves the children deeply
    Today made me realise just how much my husband loves our children.  He adores our two girls and they adore him.  He spent the day laying down cuddling and playing with our girls. I got to sit and watch them all have a wonderful time together.
  2. Time to reflect on what hubby does for our children (and me). 
    Having a set day to honour him as a father made me focus on what that really meant.  To me, it means reflecting on everything my husband does for our children and me.  He is a hardworking man, who never complains about going to work.  He works hard to provide for our family so that I can stay home with our children.  He spends time with them teaching them new things and listening to them.  He even changes nappies (for any oldies reading this, as this seems to be a new age thing!).
  3. It is an excuse to have a family day
    A forced holiday is always a good excuse to pack up some good food and head out to the park, beach, pool to have a BBQ or picnic.  It is a good excuse to catch up with extended family that you know you don’t see enough… the kids to get out with other children to enjoy socialising & playing
  4. He deserves to be celebrated and honoured
    Although I’m sure hubby know’s he is appreciated, it is always nice to have a day just to celebrate just what he means.  Having a day to honour him and thank him for everything he does for his family is the minimum we can do for our Father’s. I mean, they give their lives to raise tiny little humans and to ensure they are fed, watered and loved! – Plus they support and love us!
  5. He will eat half eaten and mushed up left overs! 
    If you have a picky toddler who doesn’t want to eat their food, you can always count on Dad to polish off the left overs right!  …
  6. He even shares the same taste in movies
    He just loves watching all the kids movies, anything with animation right? … and even loves to eat popcorn as well….so much he has a popcorn machine!
  7. He is our little one’s hero
    No matter what, there is something special about our Dad’s… he is sooo strong and very clever… he knows how to use a hammer and nails and to half start work around the house.  He makes our little one’s feel safe when it’s dark and they have monsters in under their bed… he is our children’s HERO!I was inspired to write this article for my loving and dedicated husband, who works very hard to keep our family going.  Thank you for all the hours you do, for the love you give and the nappies you change.  You are, and always will be our hero!   We would be lost without you.To all the Dad’s out there, thank you for the time and love you give your little one’s – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!Here is a little snap of me and the girls.. as you can see we had one unhappy little baby!Ashley xoxoxox

    A happy, not so happy shot! (keeping it real) x

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