Birth & Transfer plans are not something that is often talked about or thought about when it comes to home births.


After experiencing transfer after my homebirth for our third baby and hearing many women share their stories of transferring after birth, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of this wisdom and insight with you so that you can plan ahead of time.

When should I book a session?

As soon as possible! Even before pregnancy is a good idea to go through all of the scenarios of your birth team, your support system, relationships, boundaries and setting up your mindset from the start.


Of course anytime during pregnancy is better than never, so all the way up until you give birth is a great time!

What if I plan and it doesn’t go to plan?

I like to think of plans as fluid, always changing.  The important part of plans is the education and research before.  Learning about your options, how the system works for you and against you, how to set yourself up best for a positive homebirth, selecting the right & most supportive birth team.


Without thinking and preparing those things you leave yourself open to just hoping for the best and going with the flow without being able to really understand your choices.  I’ve heard time and time again women tell me that they wish they knew about their choices before birth.


The time for preparing is in advance, not when it’s too late.

10 reasons why you should have a birth & transfer plan for your homebirth

Learn more about it in the podcast.


Here’s what I covered in this episode:

  1. The right birth support team – So you can pick the right birth team for you in advance (even if you end up in the hospital you will be supported by the right team).
  2. Powerful communication tool – for you to assert and advocate for what you want in your birth
  3. Knowledge is power – Research & understand interventions in advance
  4. Setting Roles & expectations – Use as a guide and prompt to open conversation with your birth team about your wishes/ wants and needs. To ask them how they feel and ask questions/ answer questions. Really understand roles and expectations.
  5. Create a positive pregnancy & birth –To allow you space to create the most positive birth that you can for yourself.
  6. Accepting you may not get the birth you dream of – To allow space to acknowledge and sit with the possibility that you may not have the birth you want… or get the perfect birth… and open your heart to know that you have done, and will do everything you can with what you know. That you are amazing… you have prepared for what you can and the rest is left out to the universe. What will be will be.
  7. A higher chance of Vaginal birth – That even planning to have a homebirth puts you at a higher chance of a vaginal birth (even if you do transfer ) than if you planned and prepared for a hospital birth.
  8. Ease stress & anxiety – it can be stressful not knowing what could happen or what you would do, what roles people play. this will you will have a really clear understanding.
  9. Provides Clarity for Partner – So they know what you expect of them in the birth and their roles. They understand what is important for you, what words of affirmation or what you really want. Encourage and support you in the best way.
  10. The Golden Hours – it’s not just about labour, you can also set yourself up for a positive first few hours with your baby after birth. Thinking about breastfeeding, placenta, and time with your baby for bonding etc.

A portion of women will transfer before labour begins, during labour or after labour. I found some quick stats to give you an idea of what we may be working with (please note these as a guide). The transfer rate for VBAC Homebirth is 37% (you can read more about that here.) With that in mind, it’s a good idea to have a think about this.


I recommend all pregnant homebirth mamas prepare a birth & transfer plan to go through all the different scenarios of what could happen and map it out in a way that gives you the upper hand.


If you would like some support with creating your Birth & Transfer Plan I offer 60 Minute Sessions to map this out and give you a good head start.

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