EP22| Breana – Powerful Homebirth with Amish midwife after classical caesarean section due to pre term birth with preeclampsia

In this episode, we meet Breana who had a classical caesarean section with her first baby.

Breana had planned on having a vaginal birth with her first baby.

But found herself undergoing an emergency classical c-section after being diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Breana was told it would be impossible for her to have a vaginal birth.

Carry to term or even labour after a classical scar, and that she would definitely rupture.

Of course, Breana being the brave and intuitive woman she is, she decided to do some research of her own and decided that home birth would be her safest option.

She followed the brewer diet after some research to help her avoid preeclampsia.

Then she went on to find the support of an Amish midwife and supportive doula to support her through pregnancy and the birth of her next baby.

After a 21 hour labour and a lot of faith in her ability to birth her baby, Breana birthed her new 9 pound baby into the world without any troubles or interventions.

This time she was able to do delayed cord clamping and have her wishes for an undisturbed golden hour.

Something that she did not experience with her first baby.

If you want to feel empowered and like you can birth your baby out of your vagina, even with higher risk factors like a special scar I invite you to listen to this episode!

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