Date Crate… a Must have for all new Parents!


Parents need time too

I often share with new mothers the importance of couple time, taking time to spend with just them and their partner, enjoying one another and reconnecting romantically. By making this relationship a priority, new parents can continue to strengthen their bond as a couple. Being a parent is hard work for all of us and oftentimes all of our energy is exhausted on our children, leaving little for ourselves and our significant other.

Recently, I thought it was about time I followed my own advice and scheduled a date night for my husband and I (when the little ones were in bed). I stumbled by chance across this amazing Australian owned business called Date Crate and was excited to see that I could have a unique date delivered to my door each month already prepared for my hubby and me to enjoy.


What is Date Crate?

Date Crate is a magical box shipped directly to your home saving you the hassle of working out what exactly to do on your date, having to go out and organise the night or purchase things to do. Date Crate does all the planning for you, leaving you time to pour yourself a nice glass of wine, sit down and relax.


Why Date Crate is a must have for all parents

I am a strong advocate of parents taking time out from being “parents” and focussing on their special romantic relationship. Once the children have grown and left home all that will be left is you and your significant other. Now is the life you are creating together, so now is the time to sit back and enjoy one another and have a laugh!


My favourite things about Date Crate

I love that there is a new Date Crate box with a new date inside each month—it means that each month I can look forward to a night full of fun and excitement with my husband, without any of the fuss. I love the anticipation and excitement I get about our date nights– not having to plan anything…and us just turning up and opening the box and being surprised! I also love seeing my husband’s face as he learns what fun activities we are going to dive into.


A bit about our first Date Crate night

I will be honest; it was a bit of mission to take the time to sit down for our first date night. We had a few false starts with babies not sleeping, sickness…nights we planned to have our date and both had massive days or weeks and just passed out…but we eventually got there…and I’m so glad we did.  Without the Date Crate, we never would have made the time to sit down and play games, ask each other questions and take time out to enjoy just being with one another.

The theme was Grow Together. We started off by making cowboy bark (yum yum). All of the ingredients were provided with step-by-step instructions on what to do making this a very simple and very yummy activity! I enjoyed licking the spoon full of chocolate in between melting the chocolate! What a clever way to start the night! We popped our cowboy bark into the fridge to set and moved on to our Magic Beans.

Image Source: Date Crate


The Magic Beans had special little messages on them and came in a gorgeous little kit with everything we needed to plant them.

The kit contained:

  • Instructions
  • 3 magic message beans with different messages
  • 3 peat discs to plant the beans in
  • 1 mini chalkboard
  • 1 piece of chalk
  • 3 small tin buckets for planting the seeds

We are avid gardeners and especially enjoy nurturing and creating life. The Magic Beans were a perfect activity for us to do together. We are looking forward seeing our beans grow, just like our relationship.

Then our chocolate was set and we were ready to take on the next challenge—Adult Charades! I will say, some of these were VERY tricky which certainly added to the fun. We wanted a bit of a challenge! I found myself in tears laughing so hard trying to act out some of the ridiculously naughty sentences. It was so much fun trying to understand the actions my husband was acting out!  I’ve been trying to get hubby to play a game with me for years, so this was a great way to get him to finally play.

The best thing about this game was that now we have the deck to play with any time we want, leaving us the ability to pull it out again for a quick 20-minute play when we want to enjoy ourselves and reconnect!


Some extras I didn’t expect

I delighted in some of the extra little touches we found in the Date Crate I didn’t know would be included. Date Crate went as far as organising a curated playlist on Spotify for us which just set the mood even more! They thought of everything—which is exactly what I was hoping for on a date night!


Give Date Crate a try

In conclusion, I was very excited to try the Date Crate and it definitely exceeded my expectations! My husband and I will definitely be ordering another box in the future. Needless to say, I’m now recommending it to my friends, family and of course new parents! If you and your significant other want to spend more time focusing on your relationship, I recommend you give it a try! Date Crate has a number of subscriptions – a one-month trial, 3 months, 6, etc. You won’t regret it. I can’t wait for my next box!

Enjoy each other! x 

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