One thing I’ve found since having both of my babies is that the time I have with my husband is much less than before kids. 

I mean it makes sense right?  We now have two whole people we have to split our time with and sometimes it feels impossible to get our own time together.

If you are feeling the pinch to make time with your partner and even ways to enjoy your time together and make it a regular date, don’t worry I share how Date Crate could be a good solution for you!

Date Crate is an exciting way to make space in your home for dates!

A year or so ago I came across an awesome business called Date Crate and I received my first Date Crate in the mail.

The thing I loved the most about it was that it was exciting to wait for my surprise crate and I wasn’t really too sure what goodies were inside until I received it in the mail!

It’s really hard to make time in our house for “dates”, especially getting out of the house and organising baby sitters – so with Date Crate we just had to wait until the kids were in bed before we could sit down and open our special box!

Each month Date Crate has a new theme

Each month there is a new theme which means you will have the excitement of waiting to see what you will receive and get to try with your partner. 

Our last box was themed Out of this World date at home experience and we had five activities to do within our date night.

You could even break them up over two or three nights if you want to make it last longer – but we decided to go and do it all in one night.

Here is a list of what we had:
Activity one: Space Race Game
Activity two: Asteroid Field Crossing
Activity three: Alien Battle
Activity four: Star Cones
Activity five: Relationship Questions (always my fav!)



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How our date night panned out

In the old days (pre-kids) we had all the energy, time and money to do anything and everything we wanted. 

Now we are lucky if we have energy to get out to the movies after we have organised babysitting, wrangled the kids and dealt with transporting them a friends for a few hours!

On our date night we didn’t have to worry about any of that stress!  All we had to do was get the kids down (that sometimes can be energy draining enough as it is!)

We ordered in some dinner (but the date night included a recipe that we could have lovingly cooked together).   We tuned into the Spotify station that was given to us! – one less thing to worry about!

Honestly, this alone was just a nice experience as it’s not something we often do – we always eat as a family and as you can imagine it usually goes something like this… Rosie sit at the table, use your knife and fork, put your food on your plate, Rosie sit at the table… if you don’t sit at the table your going to bed without a bath (haha – you get the point!)

This particular date crate has a bit of cutting involved which did take a bit of time out of our night to do – we would have preferred it to have been pre-cut, but we also didn’t mind as it allowed us some time to chat as we cut away.

We loved setting aside time for just us

We actually quite love Sci fi and so this theme fitted us to the tee – we didn’t make it through all of the activities but the ones we did go through we did love. 

We really enjoyed the connection and time for just us that without something like this “forcing us” us to make the time wouldn’t have happened.

My favorite part of all was Activity five: Relationship Talk

I love asking deep questions and being able to connect with people, especially my husband in a deeper way.  I want to know what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling and generally in our lives with two small little children – we just don’t have time or make time.

I think this is one of the most valuable and beneficial parts of this Date Crate and I loved that I didn’t have to source the questions myself.  I loved that I didn’t have to “think” of things to do… or beg my husband to play a game with me (we have a million games and he never wants to play them!)

This was our special time carved out for us and we got to connect in a deeper way that we haven’t been able to do in a while.

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Value for money

When it comes to planning a date outside, our usual is dinner and movies – which quite honestly sets us back at least $150.00! 

Date Crate comes with a range of membership options making it a little bit less on the wallet (and you don’t have to worry about missing the cut off time).

For month to month you are looking at $60 AUD – all delivered and posted to your home which is a much cheaper option than even just going to the movies!!

If you are looking for something to do at home to get some fun, playful & interaction going on with your partner check out Date Crate and order your box today!

Tell me some ways you like to stay present & in touch with your partner? 


Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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