Introducing a Real Mum Story – Empowering Yourself into Motherhood


This episode is not to be missed! 

Melani inspires us through her story by advocating for the birth she wants and backs herself up time and time again.  

It’s not often that I hear a first-time mother advocate for the birth and entry into Motherhood she wants.  It takes great strength and courage to navigate the system and stand up for what you know to be true for you.  

I have great admiration and respect for Melani, and her belief and trust in herself is something we all should aspire to achieve. 

As a high BMI woman, Melani was thrown into the usual pecking line that many “high-risk women” end up in.  Join us as the story unfolds and she explains how she ended up birthing her baby vaginally (and naturally) and had a peaceful postpartum full of care and support (just as every new mother deserves and needs). 



It takes great strength and courage to navigate the system and stand up for

what you know to be true!



  • We discuss the challenges that Melani had to navigate during pregnancy to receive the support she needed and wanted for her birth
  • We find out how she ended up receiving care from the head OB at the hospital and he was shocked by what she had been told!
  • We hear that the police were called during labour!! EEKKK!
  • Find out how Melani had to advocate and back herself up in labour to achieve the vaginal birth she wanted
  • Hear how you can set yourself up for a supported and peaceful postpartum

Introducing Melani!

Melani is a 30 something mama to Hamish, a two-year-old pocket rocket who keeps her on her toes. She’s also a Travel Agent, Photographer at Melani Jayne Photography and blogger of @TheUbiquitousMama and wife to Dustin.

She loves to travel, drink coffee and talk about all things pregnancy, birth and parenting.



More on our conversation

1) Let’s start at the start, tell me about from when you found out you were pregnant and let’s go from there 

2) The birth story – 26:34 (time in video)

3) Melani shares how she advocated during her birth to continue her vaginal birthing path

4) Let’s talk about your postpartum – 53:20


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