In this podcast episode, I share some of my insights and views on this craze of making sure your baby is in the “optimal position” for birth.

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The “Optimal Position” hype

In my latest podcast episode, I delve into a topic that might surprise you – the obsession with ensuring your baby is in the “optimal position” for birth. It’s a craze that has taken the birthing world by storm, but does it truly hold the key to a successful birthing experience?

As your Homebirth Mindset Coach & Guide, I want to challenge the prevailing notion that women need to meticulously control every aspect of their birth, including the baby’s position. Contrary to popular belief, I firmly stand by the idea that women are capable birthing goddesses.

Simplifying homebirth

Let’s face it, planning a homebirth can be an overwhelming experience, often accompanied by the belief that we must micromanage every detail. However, this episode is here to reassure you that less can indeed be more.

I invite you to join me in this podcast as I discuss why obsessing over the baby’s position may not be as crucial as it’s made out to be. We’ll explore the empowering perspective that most women are capable of birthing without constant coaching, position adjustments, or a comprehensive understanding of “optimal positions.”

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