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In this episode, I talk about how to start open conversations and communicate your expectations for your birth with your birth team.

Building Trust with Your Birth Team Through Open Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with your birth team is an important skill and requirement for any team to work together.

If you don’t feel safe to share your feelings, thoughts or communicate your needs this could lead to distrust, assumptions and you could start to create walls between you and your birth team.

Communication isn’t just a tool for your birth experience; it’s a lifelong skill that can profoundly impact your relationships, personal growth, and overall well-being. We explore how developing strong communication abilities can empower you far beyond the birthing journey.


In this episode, we emphasize the importance of effective communication in building trust and fostering a positive birth experience. While it’s not solely your responsibility to initiate these conversations, the ability to communicate openly is a skill that can enhance not only your birthing journey but also your entire life. 

Enjoy this thought-provoking podcast episode as we journey toward better communication and brighter birthing experiences.


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