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In this episode, I share some birth positions that may be helpful during your VBAC Homebirth, and I share my ideas on birth positions and the big focus I see happening in the birth world.

Birth Positions in Homebirth Setting

For years, the narrative has been that the optimal baby position and a series of intricate maneuvers are essential for a successful birthing experience.

Which in a hospital setting I agree, this is probably one of the best ways to birth.

In a homebirth though, it may be the easiest and safest to birth your baby without disruption, without having to remember the best positions, or maneuvers to get into for birth and stay in your birthing mind.

It may be best for everyone in your space to stand back and allow the process to completely happen, and only if you ask for support for options to be provided.

In a world where birthing positions have been meticulously cataloged, this episode challenges conventions and invites you to consider a different approach—one that prioritizes trust in your body and your birthing mindset.


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