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In this episode, I share a little bit of my take on the phrase – it takes a village to raise a baby/mother.

From Hospital Birth to  Unplanned Freebirth: Kara’s Inspiring Birth Journey

In this episode, we meet, Kara, a mother of two. She had both of her children in a same-sex relationship with her partner.
Her first pregnancy was an IVF baby in 2019 with a planned hospital birth. The pregnancy was fairly low-key.

Kara experienced prodrominal labour for a few days and that was quite challenging and exhausting for her.
She had a couple of nights of no sleep and it was quite a painful experience. She went into the hospital and they checked her and said that there was no cervix it was up high and closed so she was sent home.
She eventually went back into the hospital and experienced a painful cascade of interventions and chose to have a c-section.

After that birth, she moved from Alice Springs to the Gold Coast. They had the challenge of having to get their embryos from South Australia shipped to the Gold Coast.

Due to her partner being aboriginal, she was able to be part of an MGP programme and plan a birth centre birth with her VBAC baby.
She hired a doula and started prenatal yoga. During that time she connected with a new doula and ended the contract with the first doula and hired one she felt more aligned with.

She didn’t plan on a freebirth but was subconsciously manifesting a freebirth. She asked her doula if she would support her and she received a yes – still planning a birth centre birth she found herself having an unplanned freebirth.

To hear all the interesting gold nuggets along the way come and listen to Kara’s amazing birth stories.

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