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In this episode, I spoke with the amazing Catherine Bell from The Birth Map.

We talk about how Catherine’s birth and postpartum experiences led her to the creation of The Birth Map.

I asked lots of questions about the birth map and the bias attached to some of the evidence.

We discussed:

  • What is birth mapping
  • What are the benefits of birth mapping
  • The fast birth pathway
  • How the birth map was created and born into the world
  • There are 11 different models of care in Australia
  • Over 800 different policies making it tricky for women to navigate the system
  • How the birth map will support you with each choice you may be faced with during labour and birth
  • Facing our fears right in the face, and break it down and make plans for the next birth.
  • How birth debriefs are integral to understanding what to do for your next birth

Catherine is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to birth, and I am so grateful that she shared her wisdom and experiences with us in this podcast episode.

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Here’s more about Catherine:

In becoming a Mother, Catherine was frustrated with the ‘need to know’ nature of maternity, so trained as a birth doula and breastfeeding counsellor and educator to fill the knowledge gap and support other women.

Combined with her Master in Science Communication, this led to the development of Birth Cartography and the invention of The Game of Birth. Her book, The Birth Map, is the subject of her PhD study into communication and decision-making in maternity services.

Resources and Links:

Finding a way forward for the birth plan and maternal decision making: A discussion paper, read here.

And for a copy you contact Catherine at The Birth Map.


Ashley is on a mission to raise the rates of women having vaginal birth after Caesarean worldwide and empower women planning VBACs and HBACS.(Homebirth after Caesarean). 

As a dedicated birth coach and mentor, Ashley works intimately with pregnant women, guiding them through the journey of overcoming fear and mindset challenges associated with VBACs and HBACS. 

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