I’m excited to talk to you a little bit about something that I haven’t really explored on the podcast before: unplanned free birth, birth prep, or unassisted birth preparation. 

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The Importance of Unplanned Unassisted HBAC Prep

So, why should you prepare for an unplanned, unassisted birth even if you’re planning to have a birth with a midwife? When I first started working in the birth space around 2017-2018, one of my very first clients had an accidental free birth.

This was an enlightening experience for me, as I was planning my own free birth and was still working up the courage to go through with it.


Real-Life Unassisted Birth Stories

One of my clients, planning a hospital birth, ended up having an unplanned free birth. Despite her fear and initial shock, she managed to handle the situation.

This taught me the importance of being prepared for all possible birth outcomes. When you’re not prepared, unexpected scenarios can be traumatic. (You can listen to her story here)


The Reality of Unplanned Unassisted Births

I’ve seen many hospital birth videos where women unexpectedly give birth outside of a hospital setting. These situations often appear chaotic because the individuals involved are not prepared.

This contrasts sharply with planned home births, where the atmosphere is typically calm and serene. The lack of preparedness turns these situations into perceived emergencies, which could be avoided with proper preparation.




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Preparing for Unassisted Birth Scenarios

Even if you’re planning a home birth with a midwife, there is always a small chance you might end up giving birth before the midwife arrives.

Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared for any scenario. Understanding what’s normal during birth, knowing how to handle potential complications, and having open conversations with your birth team can make all the difference.


Understanding Normal Birth Processes

One aspect of preparation is familiarizing yourself with what a normal birth looks like.

This includes knowing what a newborn looks like immediately after birth, recognising normal blood loss, and understanding the signs that may require urgent medical attention. Watching home birth videos and discussing these topics with your midwife can provide invaluable insights.


Key Preparations for Unplanned Unassisted Births

  1. Birth Space Setup: Ensure your birth space is ready, just like you would for a planned home birth. 
  2. Stay Calm and Trust Yourself: Use mindset techniques to stay calm and trust in the process.
  3. Conversations with Your Birth Team: Discuss with your midwife what to do if you have an unplanned free birth. Ask for their recommendations and resources.
  4. Understand Normal Birth Indicators: Learn about normal newborn appearances and what constitutes normal blood loss.
  5. Post-Birth Actions: Know the immediate steps to take after the baby is born, like placing the baby on your chest and assessing their condition.


Final Thoughts

Preparing for an unplanned free birth empowers you with knowledge and confidence, ensuring you can handle any birth scenario calmly and effectively.

If you have any questions or need further resources, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. I’m here to support you on your birth journey.

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Ashley is on a mission to raise the rates of women having vaginal birth after Caesarean worldwide and empower women planning VBACs and HBACS.(Homebirth after Caesarean).

As a dedicated birth coach and mentor, Ashley works intimately with pregnant women, guiding them through the journey of overcoming fear and mindset challenges associated with VBACs and HBACS.

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