In this episode, we meet Sarah, mother of 4 with 3 boys and a little girl.

She joined us to share her amazing story just two weeks into her postpartum (and feeling absolutely amazing!)

She lives in Rural, Country Victoria and grew up in a big Dutch family & very trusting of the medical system.

Sarah had a miscarriage with their first pregnancy which required a D&C in hospital.

She fell pregnant again soon after.

Sarah tells a very complex and interesting story that is long, but very interesting and full of insights and birth wisdom.

Here’s an overview of some of what happened (as it’s too long to put all the information here).

Sarah had a private midwife during this pregnancy and was booked into a birth house. Her waters broke around 41+6 and she eventually ended up in hospital due to the length of labour and waters broken.

Pitocin and a painful labour with a shift change and a horrible midwife she ended up in surgery and her baby was born.

Second pregnancy only 3-4 months postpartum she was pregnant again.  She was in the VBAC clinic she felt supported in pregnancy but had bait and switch at 38 weeks which ended in a visit from CPS at 41 weeks.  She felt unheard during labour telling the health support something was wrong with her baby and he eventually after a MET call was made after birth, ended up in special care for a week with sepsis. Sarah ended up having another surgical birth.

Third birth Sarah hired a doula who had a VBAC and she felt supported through her pregnancy.  And she planned a homebirth.

She couldn’t get her head into the game of being in labour when her contractions came on hard and fast.

Sarah feels she handed over her power to the doula who made little comments throughout her labour about the positioning, of the baby whereas she felt she needed someone who going to support her to keep going not put doubt into her mind. She transferred and had a surgical birth.

Baby number four Sarah fell pregnant around 9 months postpartum and she decided she wanted to have a C-Section with this baby.  She did not want to fight the system and wanted to just have an easy time of it all.

Sarah went and saw Birthtime and decided she was going to have a freebirth. She didn’t want any support people around her, just her and her husband and she was trusting the process.  She didn’t want to give any of her power away.

She felt if she was going to birth her baby vaginally she had to do it.

Sarah went on to birth her baby vaginally.  A FBA3C and fer kicked in, on all fours she was completely silent and grunting at the end of each push.

She said “she overcame all the trauma, the pain, the doubt” and it was a magic half hour where she felt she wasn’t doing anything and just breathing and her baby girl was born. She didn’t feel the “ring of fire” just a stretch.

She was so excited, it felt amazing and after her baby was born she just kept repeating “I did it, I did it”.

Sarah is on a birth high after this birth and is enjoying her baby girl after 3 boys.

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Ashley x

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