In this episode, we meet Ben, a father of 4 with 3 boys and a little girl.

Ben joins us after his wife Sarah shared her story on the Podcast of four births and an epic and healing freebirth after three surgical births. 

You can check out Sarah’s story EP40| Sarah – Epic, healing freebirth after 3 surgical births, long births & small gaps between births.

Ben is the first partner, husband, and father I have had on the show and it was really great to hear his perspective and have him share his experience and what he learned throughout the journey to freebirth. 

Some take aways from this interview: 

Ben trusted and supported his wife through all four pregnancies and births to birth the way she felt was the safest and best for her.  He shares his tips on how to get your partner to be more supportive during pregnancy & birth (must listen for partners) Tips for partners on how they should show up and why it’s important they support their women through pregnancy & birth We hear how CPS was called in their second pregnancy due to not saying yes to a C-Section

It was lovely to connect with this amazing couple and get two sides of the story. 

It was so comforting to hear that Ben trusted his wife to safely birth their babies into this world.  I know often women planning a VBAC struggle to trust their bodies are being told by the system that there is often something wrong and they are broken. 

To see partners have that deep trust in their partners is so powerful and inspiring. 

This is a must-listen for all the partners out there and women wanting to hear about how they can get their partners to be more supportive. 

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