In this episode, we take a look at how you can find the right Doula for you to support you in your VBAC Homebirth journey.

While Doula’s can be an amazing support and member of your homebirth team, it’s important to under why you want to have a doula at your homebirth.

When you work out why you would like a doula to support you in pregnancy and attend your birth you can start to look at and interview potential doulas who may be a good fit.

Some things to consider when interviewing and meeting a potential doula:

* What experience do they have with VBAC?
* What experience do they have as a doula and in homebirth?
* Do they have recommendations from other mothers who have used their services previously? Have you connected with those mothers to find out how they were supportive?
* What do you see as the doula’s role in your pregnancy and birth journey?
* What does the doula feel is their role?
* Personality and temperaments
* How available can this doula be to you, and how much support do you need?

Just some questions to consider when considering hiring a doula for your pregnancy and birth.

I hope that you enjoy this episode.  Come over to Insta and tell me what are your experiences and thoughts!

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