In this episode, we meet Katy who lives in Devon, England

Katy had planned a homebirth through the NHS and she had a breech baby so didn’t feel comfortable birthing at home.  Katy planned a breech birth in hospital.  During pregnancy, Katy had an ECV that failed.  She went into labour around 40ish weeks waters broke first, she went into hospital to get monitoring as per request due to breech and she opted to stay home. 

Going into labour about 12 hours later and then went into the hospital.  The medical team could feel a foot, and said baby was footling and Katy opted for a surgical birth. 

Katy had a straightforward surgical birth.  

Katy fell pregnant and had a miscarriage before knowing she was pregnant.  Katy had a surgical procedure due to the miscarriage which caused some scarring on the cervix which caused fertility issues. 

Then Katy was pregnant with her third pregnancy, baby Juniper.  She had a great pregnancy although worried about what could happen because she was worried about what happened last time. She hired a doula to support her in birth and pregnancy.

She had planned for a homebirth with this baby which would be a VBAC Homebirth through the NHS. 

Went into labour at 40ish weeks and contractions started hard and fast, she was pushing early and called the hospital for midwives. Due to covid, they couldn’t come out so she decided to freebirth as she felt the baby was coming and was pushing already and didn’t feel comfortable getting in the car. 

She had the baby crowning and went back inside again for hours.  She had big gaps between her contractions and sharp pain that didn’t go away as soon as the waters broke in the birth pool. 

She felt something was wrong and decided to go to the hospital to get the baby monitored.  The baby was okay and safe and mum was still worried and in a lot of pain.  The midwife told her she was going to coach push train her and she pushed the baby out vaginally. 

You can hear the rest of Katy’s story on the podcast! 

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