In this episode, I discuss how a daily morning mindset ritual has supercharged my day and helped me move from feeling overwhelmed & exhausted to feeling energised and ready to take on the day! 

If you are feeling worn out, overwhelmed, out of rhythm and routine, and crave to feel connected and positive then this is an episode you should not miss! 

Mindset is such an important part that so many people skip out on every day and I find it is even more important when we step into the role of being mothers. 

Pregnancy, especially planning a VBAC Homebirth takes courage, trust, and something deep inside you to say yes to and stick to the path. 

By committing to a daily routine you will help fill your cup up, which will spill over to the loved ones around you and help set the positive mindset tone for your pregnancy and birth. 

I hope you enjoy this episode, 

Ashley x 

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Ashley x

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