In this episode, I share how a lot of your self-doubt, lack of belief and trust may be down to a shaky foundation of self-worth. 

I’m going to deep dive into this topic and show you when and how your self worth has been eroded since you were little and what you can do to build it up. 

You will understand why it matters for your VBAC Homebirth and how having a strong self-worth foundation can make significant changes to your mindset and self believe to VBAC homebirth for your baby. 

Some strategies I talk about to help build your mindset for your VBAC Homebirth:

Self-love motivational mindset daily video – Click here  Connecting with your why.  Anchoring to it, and looking at all the things  and reasons why you want to have this VBAC Homebirth Daily visualisation for your VBAC Homebirth Writing down or speaking out your why Or if you are artistic or visual you may enjoy using colourful pencils to draw your why – drawing your ideal or dream birth.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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