In this episode, we meet Emma a mother of three who lives in South Coast, NSW.

Emma joins us to talk briefly about her first birth which ended in a surgical birth. She was induced at 40 weeks due to a late diagnosis of GD and expected “big baby” 8 pounds and over.  

26hrs of labour, 12 hrs on pitocin, and baby and mum were both in distress. Ended in an emergency cesarean and baby was born a tiny 6lb 1 baby in special care for 8 days.

With her second baby, she researched VBAC and fought for her right to have a vaginal birth in the system.

Her baby was born by episiotomy, vacuum delivery and the baby was taken from Emma straight away after birth as they couldn’t get a trace on baby as she was so low.  They said she wasn’t breathing properly. They rushed her from the room just to realise she was fine and brought her straight back. 

Pulling on the placenta causing a hemorrhage.  

When Emma fell pregnant with her third baby she was determined to have a better experience. And apparently, he was determined to make it memorable!

It made much more sense to her and she trusted her body’s ability to birth safely and intuitively at home. 

Emma chose to register with her local hospital for antenatal care which was helped by the timing of Covid meaning that a lot of appointments were canceled which meant she didn’t need to go in often. 

Even though Emma had vaginally birthed her last baby there was still talk of whether she would be “allowed” to vaginally birth this third baby.  Which just helped cement her choices to freebirth. 

As Emma approached 40 weeks her waters broke in the middle of the night (so much so that her husband was walking behind her cleaning up the waters on the floor).  

Waiting a full 18 days before going into labour with her third babe and many interesting conversations and visits/ phone calls back and forth with the hospital this episode is not to be missed!! 

I hope you enjoy this episode! 

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