In this episode, I talk about homebirth and freebirth as your very own choice and choosing your own adventure. 

Often women choosing to homebirth lose sight that they are actually the ones steering their journey and that they are in full control of where this glorious adventure ends up. 

After a post in my VBAC Homebirth Support group on FB came in this morning I decided to share some insights/ stories and experiences of women choosing to intiate with the system when planning to homebirth. It may be a woman planning to freebirth who wants some scans or tests throughout her pregnancy, or maybe a woman who has hired a midwife and is trying to work out whether she should take a test. 

Sometimes the path can be tricky when trying to discover the right path forward with so many choices available (because the choice is absolutely all yours).  Without knowing the outcomes it can be a grueling process. 

I invite you to tap into your intuition, your knowing.  Look at the evidence if it helps and talk it out.

But under the ramifications of those choices and possible outcomes along the way so you can look at this objectively. 

The beauty of this journey is that you get to choose what tests/ scans and offerings you accept and say yes to and which ones you choose to decline.  This is your journey. 

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