Heya!! And welcome back to another episode on the VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast. I’m your host Ashley Winning! 

I’ve been sick with Covid and I’m hoping my voice holds up today! I decided to create a fun little Mini-Series for Birth & Transfer Planning over the weeks. 

Over the coming weeks, I will share episodes with information that relates to homebirth & transfer planning, with topics that cover why it’s important to consider this, what should be included, what to pack in your transfer bag, and conversations to have with your birth team, how to plan for a positive homebirth environment and much more!  

One of the things that came through as a common thread when I asked women who had transferred before was to pack a transfer bag, or I’m glad I packed a transfer bag. 

So I thought I would include it and maybe change it up a little bit with a couple of things that people don’t talk about for the usual hospital bag! 

1.  Clothes for baby, swaddle etc (someone said cute clothes for photos, my baby was in hospital clothes for a day or so and that didn’t bother me).

2. Nappies & wipes 

3. Clothes for you including a comfortable nursing top and maternity underwear – comfortable clothes 

4. Phone charger / phone/ ipad etc 

5. Copy of birth & transfer plan – for you and your team 

6. Labour support pack (eo, pain support, massage ball, positive affirmations). 

7. Entertainment pack (magazine, music, headphones, journal and pencil) 

8. Snacks – few packets of your favs 

9. Toiletries and anything that will make you feel nice – I had my fav perfume brought in which was rather hand for the toilet 😛 Maternity pads, or maternity underwear like modi body 

10. Mindset – A letter to yourself about how amazing you are so you can read it when you need to, a playlist with your fav mindset resources, positive affirmations or meditations (on your phone etc). You don’t have to have any of these ready and packed before your labour starts if you don’t want to. This is your journey. It’s nice to have a few things ready, or even just an empty bag. You could even have an empty bag with a list of things you would like packed and that way your support team can organise. (You can even show them in advance, like your partner). 

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