In this episode, we take a deep dive into birth debriefing. 

I share what birth debriefing is and how it can benefit to have a birth debrief after a birth that didn’t go to plan or you have some questions or uneasy thoughts around. 

When should you consider birth debriefing?

Whenever you feel like you need one, you are worried about a future birth, unsure if you will have future children because you feel stuck or scared after a previous birth, you want to process or unpack your birth or just feeling like you want to share it out loud with someone in a safe space.

A Birth Debrief Session will give you the opportunity to:

  1. Share your birth out loud
  2. Process your birth
  3. Share your birth story in a safe environment and container
  4. Be heard, seen, and validated without judgment
  5. Ask questions
  6. Begin to understand your birth & find clarity
  7. Start taking steps towards a future birth

How Mothers have felt after a session:

Mothers have shared feeling calm, more positive, relieved, supported, heard and ready to have a future baby after these sessions.

You can book a birth debrief session with me here. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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