In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Pippa from Fantastic Futures about Birth Trauma.

We discussed:

  • What is birth trauma?
  • How can women experience it?
  • How many women experience it?
  • How trauma impacts the body
  • What happens when we don’t deal with it
  • What happens when we do?

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Ashley x


Panda is a great free resource to get you started if you feel you may have birth trauma or PND

More about Pippa:

When my first birth went pear-shaped, I entered the world of birth and became a doula. During those nearly two decades as a birth doula, I have also taught doula skills, been a post-partum doula, taught mothercraft skills, run support groups for women who have experienced birth trauma, delivered childbirth education, encapsulated placentas, and provided 1 on 1 support to women in my role as a birth trauma specialist. I was blessed to have 4 daughters, and it is for them also that I continue to advocate and support women and families around the time of birth.

My desire to support and assist women inspired me to lead a team of consumers to deliver a birth centre to Townsville some 14 years ago. I am passionate about teaching women how to create a community as mothers, supporting each other. I can often be found with several weeks of food on the doorstep of a family with a newborn, ready to fold clothes and help in any way I can. I feel very privileged to have found a modality that helps people effectively, efficiently and safely take the pain out of the past and move them into their fantastic future.

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