In this episode, I take you on a bit of a journey to hear more about what working with me can look like.

I’m sorry the audio isn’t the best, it was accidentally recorded on my web camera instead of my microphone!

Many women reach out to me after their birth and thank me for this podcast and any support I have given through pregnancy.

Lately, some of my clients have reached out with so much love thanking me for the support and guidance I offered them through one on one sessions, even if it was just the one session they seem to have left a mark that really helped them feel positive and capable of having their VBAC Homebirth.

It breaks my heart when women reach out anxious and afraid. Being fear mongered often by the system, people around them, or stories repeating in their minds.

My wish is that all women receive the support and guidance they need during this sacred and important time.  So that they can go on and birth in power and from a space of knowing their choices and options and knowing they are not alone.  That someone is here to support & guide them when they need it.

I’ve decided to pull back the curtain and walk you through the support and services that I offer so you never feel alone in this journey and know how I can support you if you feel you would like my support.

How I can support you:

  • Birth planning
  •  Postpartum Planning
  •  To trust in your ability to homebirth vaginally
  •  To talk through fears and mindset challenges (like uterine rupture or not being able to handle the pain)
  •  Holding space for you in a safe space
  •  Answer birth knowledge questions
  •  To celebrate your journey and make it that little bit more special

If you have any questions reach out either through Insta or email.  

You can book in a 15 – Minute Call with me here – 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Ashley x


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