In this episode, we get to hear from one of my gorgeous clients Sarah.  Sarah is a now mother of three boys.  She had her homebirth with her third baby after two c-sections, special scar and having planned homebirths for all three of her babies. 

It was such an honour to stand beside Sarah in her homebirth pregnancy and see her grow into the woman is she now today.   A women by her own words is someone who will speak up and share her wants and desires and not shrink away and hide. 

Sarah discovered during her pregnancy that she identified with being a highly sensitive person. She spent most of her life hiding her emotions and thinking that her thoughts and feelings were wrong.  When she turned up to one of my workshops while working with me she sprung to tears realising she had found out something magical and important about herself. 

She is a highly sensitive soul who deserves to be seen and shine in this world. 

Sarah tells her story of planning her first baby as a homebirth, in the third trimester she was sent to hospital for futher testing as some of the tests showed potential issues in her pregnancy. 

She always thought she was going to have her homebirth and was always led to believe that this would be the case even with the extra appointments with the hospital.  

She was shocked when she was told at one monitoring appointment that she must birth her baby tonight. 

Following a long induction process, her small baby wasn’t responding well in birth and she was put under general and her baby was born. 

Her baby was born a small 2.2 kilos and diagnosed IURG (very skinny and small) – but healthy and able to go home the next day without intervention.

Not the birth Sarah thought she was going to have when planning a homebirth. 

Her next baby she planned another homebirth with the same midwife and had decided that if she was to transfer to hospital for any reason she wanted to have a C-section so she wouldn’t find herself in another emergency situation and being put under general. 

After labouring at home for a while and going from 7cm to 5cms her midwife recommended that she transfer into hospital. Sarah was beside herself as she realised her homebirth dreams were not going to become a reality.  

In surgery her babies shoulders nipped her womb causing a special scar,losing 1.2L of blood and leaving Sarah in surgery for 3 hours.  It wasn’t the c-section birth she thought she would be getting. 

Her baby was born a healthy 2.9 kilos

Baby number three she knew she wanted a homebirth and VBAC but wasn’t sure why and had uncertainty around trying again for a homebirth when it hadn’t worked out for her the first two times. 

Friends and family kept saying they supported her, but to be “safe” and so she felt unsupported and alone in her journey. 

After a debrief with her midwife and getting her support she had feelings of resentfulness and disconnection from her midwife. Feeling robbed of her last homebirth and unsure of what went wrong and how she could finally achieve her homebirth. 

Sarah started working with me and spent six months unpacking her birth stories, fears and as she puts it “doing the work” on her mindset to really get her to commit and allow herself believe that she could birth her baby vaginally at home. 

And of course goes on to have her homebirth in Sarah style and being true to how she felt she let it all out.  Raw and honest. 

Her baby was born healthy and 3.16 kilos. 

This is an amazing story of how one woman found her voice. 

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