In this episode, I talk about the mechanics of birth and why focusing heavily on this may not be the best way for you to achieve your VBAC Homebirth.

Here’s some of what I cover in this episode:

What is the mechanics of birth?

Why you don’t have to focus so much on the mechanics of birth –

It’s important to have an understanding and trust in the process of birth so you understand undisturbed birth and instinctive birth – check out these podcast episodes:

Listen to EP 12 with Dr Rachel Reed and EP30 Dr Sarah Buckley

You don’t have to do “all the things”

Essentially you just need to have a vagina.  I truly do believe that but of course, there is more to a story than having a body that is capable of birthing.

Some of the mechanical things that can be helpful – but not needed to vaginally birth your baby:

  1. Spinning Babies
  2. Eating dates
  3. Any birth classes
  4. Pilates
  5. Walking 5 km daily
  6. Hypnobirthing classes
  7. Sitting on a yoga ball from the third trimester
  8. Birth positions

Hiring a doula to help you birth in a homebirth: (is an intervention)

For a homebirth you may like a doula to be present to help with practical things like massage, making sure you are nourished, setting up and packing down the birth pool and emotionally supporting you during birth.

Most Doula’s are trained to help intervene in a birth and suggest birth positions, use tools to help get the baby out sooner and coach women.
In a homebirth, most of those things will not be needed.  Sometimes they are helpful – but they disrupt the birth process and it’s important to know when you want to use any, if any of those tools.

What the mechanics of birth doesn’t focus on is Mindset – and how mindset can set you up for your VBAC Homebirth:

  1. More confidence in your ability to birth
  2. Trust & belief in yourself
  3. Setting healthy boundaries (and enforcing them)
  4. Being able to voice your concerns during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (or for life)
  5. Learning to calm your nervous system (so your not freaking out and stressed) – is great for people with high anxiety, perfectionists, and people pleasers)
  6. And the skills learned during pregnancy not only help in pregnancy to help you feel calm, but they can also help you in birth cope with the pain, and also in postpartum too with a newborn.

They are lifelong skills that can help you feel more positive about your birth and life in general.

If you would like support with your mindset connect with me to chat more!

Enjoy this episode:


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