In this episode, I talk about the “pushing stage”.

I have lately been noticing in women’s birth stories that ended in C-Section that what keeps popping up is the pushing stage in a hospital setting and reaching 10 cm only to end up in a surgical birth because the baby isn’t born within a certain time frame.

I’m going to share with you some of my insights about what you can expect when you get to full dilation, and whether or not you even need to know how dilated you are (the answer is no, you don’t need to know that, and neither does your care provider).

One of the biggest birth myths that I found myself believing for many years was that once you reach 10 cms your baby is born within a couple of hours.  This is when in the movies you will see Dr’s telling women to push with their legs in stirrups and the women red in the fast, screaming in pain trying to force a baby out -essentially because the Dr has told her “it’s time”.

What if the Dr’s are completely wrong when it comes to how babies are born out of women’s vaginas.

What if coached pushing does much more damage to a woman and puts her at higher risk of a c-section?

What if it puts a woman at higher risk of vaginally tearing?

I’m going to unpack all of this and share more about physiological birth.  Especially FER – fetal ejection reflex.

Have a listen to this episode, I’m sure it will be one to remember.


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