In this episode, we meet Sarah, the mother of now four babies. 

In Sarah’s words, this is a bit of her story – Part 1 of Sarah’s Story

My 1st baby, 18 years ago, was a breech-planned cesarean. Postpartum I was treated like crap in the hospital and discharged myself the following day.

2nd Baby, 15 years ago, was a cascade of interventions starting with a “just going to do a stretch and sweep during a check-up”, and diagnosed GBS so being at the hospital far too early. 

36 hours of labour and “failed to progress”, some meconium in the waters, an iffy ctg, resulting in a cesarean which something went badly wrong in,  my uterus tore and I literally almost died. Postpartum was rough, I had a blood transfusion 4 days later.

3rd Baby, 11 years ago I was surprised KEMH offered a VBAC. Exactly 40 weeks I woke with some mild contractions around 7 mins apart. I got up and had some tea and toast and with contractions 5 mins apart we made the 1.5-hour journey to the hospital during which they slowed so much we almost turned around. 

As I got to KEMH my waters broke and she was born around 4 hours later. I had some major pain in between contractions during that birth to the point once she was born I couldn’t hold her. This extreme pain continued til I was finally listened to a couple of days later and readmitted to ICU with no real information given to me. I had some kind of infection and was treated like shit in the hospital during this time.

We were finished having babies til we found ourselves pregnant again by complete chance, and sadly lost that baby. My heart was so lost, I felt incomplete. On the 13th month after that loss, we finally fell pregnant again.

I knew I didn’t want to have this baby in the hospital. The idea was just something I couldn’t get my head around. So we planned a homebirth at my sister’s house as we live 2.5 hours away from a decent hospital.

There is so much more to this story than Sarah shares I love how honest and raw Sarah is in sharing her stories and thoughts. 


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