Join us for Part two of Sarah’s homebirth story! 

In Sarah’s words, this is a bit of her story – Part 2 of Sarah’s Story

I knew I didn’t want to have this baby in hospital. The idea was just something I couldn’t get my head around. So we planned a homebirth after two  caesarean’s at my sister’s house as we live 2.5 hours away from a decent hospital.

This pregnancy tested me in a lot of ways. I had “irritable uterus” from 36 weeks and days of stop start labour leading up to his birth, most likely due to his presentation and some stressors with my teenage children.

By the time I reached transition I’d been awake 24 hours and was not recognising transition as it was, so it was really a massive challenge being absolutely spent. I’d announced I was exhausted, I couldn’t go on any longer. 

My contractions had been all over the place and I just didn’t think I was anywhere near having him. My midwife suggested I get into bed and just try to rest as much as possible, it felt last resort. I immediately started shaking all over, it was awful. 

I thought, this is adrenaline, but I didn’t know it was also a sign of transition. Within 2 contractions in bed my waters released with massive force. I couldn’t move back to the birthing room where our pool was set up, I was just  physically unable to move  and within 30 minutes of primal roaring loud enough to probably wake the whole neighbourhood, my body had taken over. I had no control, there was no breathing this baby out! With every ounce of me, he was here. It was mind blowing how fast everything changed. 

I literally felt like I was a cow in the paddock birthing a calf, it felt all kinds of weird 

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It wasn’t peaceful, for me it wasn’t calm, but we did it.

I had no tearing. No blood loss at all. We are both in amazing shape.

And best of all, my postpartum has been worth every cent.  So in love

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Rhea Dempsey’s crisis of confidence. 

@rheadempseybirth (on Insta) 


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