In this episode I share a few stories on the power of how we use our mindset to shape our lives and our behaviours.  I share some of my own personal stories, along with a story of someone I find inspiring and brave.

It’s amazing to see how powerful these changes can be when you become aware of what is possible and how to make these changes.

Did you know the words we choose can impact how we feel in our day to day running of our life – and that picking words that can add doubt, fear or uncertainty can in a way set you up to fail for your homebirth, or your goals?

Here’s an example of my breastfeeding journey:  I was proud and excited I was planning to breastfeed.  I knew many people around me before who hadn’t and chose to bottle feed (I thought it was a choice most of the time) and I didn’t see why I wouldn’t breastfeed.

When I announced I was breastfeeding people would often say “if you can” or it’s okay if you can’t, alot of women have low breast milk etc.  So I adjusted my language to be more reflective of how I would be received – by people who were trying to keep me “safe” and small.

Same as VBAC – trial of labour, and trying for a VBAC etc.  Rather than I am having a vaginal birth, I am having a homebirth – look at how powerful that feels.

You are not leaning into the possibility of not achieving that outcome.  You know there is always a possibility (albeit small) that you won’t achieve the goal but how amazing does it feel when we step into that power and don’t allow anyone to dim your light.

You can correct people if it’s appropriate or just correct your mind and mindset.

Ways you can use language in a powerful way (not a disempowering way):

I am having a VBAC Homebirth

I can handle the pain of labour

I am able to vaginally birth my baby

I am breastfeeding

I am a good mother

I will be the best version of myself

I am always improving to be the best version of myself

Remember not to change your language to suit other people, their opinions or expectations.  Be mindful of who your audience is and surround yourself with positive and supportive people.


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