In this episode, we meet Dayan mother of two originally from California and lives in Perth, Australia now. 

Here’s a run down of Dayan’s story: 

GD in first pregnancy, was healthy otherwise, growth scans and induction talk.  Diet controlled allowed to go into spontaneous labour.

Cascade of interventions: breaking waters, syntocinon, labour for 29 hours and c-section.

Dayan felt traumatised after birth and spent 3 years healing, learning about future choices, and trying to calm her nervous system.

Adrenal fatigue from the situation caused her blood sugar levels to rise and she worked with a healer to resolve the diabetes type 2 diagnosis. 

She meditated, went to bed early, moved her body, and regulated herself.

When she was pregnant with her second baby she knew she wanted to do things differently.  She moved back to Perth and contacted 15 midwives.

Only one would support her to homebirth.  She got a doula and was on her way.

She decided to monitor her sugar levels with a continuous glucose monitoring.

She was determined to set herself up for a more positive birth experience.

She noticed that her readings were tracking higher at times she was stressed or worried and found having a baby during the Covid Pandemic to be highly stressful.

She didn’t want to birth in a hospital due to her past experience and the restrictions that were in place during the pandemic.

As her blood sugar levels got higher her midwife suggested she be referred into the hospital for diabetes support.  Once Dayan started going to hospital appointments she noticed her levels skyrocketed.  She had to advocate for the things she wanted and felt like every conversation was an anxiety-inducing challenge.

She was being supported with her birth trauma by a psychotherapist who helped her set up a physiological care plan through the hospital which listened to some of her birth plan wishes and triggers she may have.

She felt like it was possible for her to have a positive hospital birth and she felt settled in what was happening.

Eventually, she was told they couldn’t support her at her local hospital and referred her onto another hospital. Dayan felt unsettled and out of control.  Just when she thought she was finally getting some traction and feeling okay with a hospital birth.

Dayan went on to have her homebirth in the end, an accidental unassisted birth because her midwife was attending another mama at the time.  She had her doula with her and they called an Ambulance which arrived just before the baby arrived (Dayan didn’t even realise they were there).

And she birthed her baby boy on her terms, intuitively. 4.4 kilo of squishy love. 

3 words to describe how you feel after your birth:

Empowered, strong, estactic

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