In this episode we meet Laura mum to three little ones.  She lives by the beach on the surf coast in Victoria and enjoys surfing and being by the water with her family.

She is a physio and supports women in the pregnancy and postpartum space.

Laura experienced two miscarriages before she conceived her first baby, which left her quite devastated.

Laura shares that she went into her first pregnancy and birth with an OBGYN in her team that supported her during one of the miscarriages. This made her comfortable to move forward when she fell pregnant with her first baby.

She explains when it came to birth planning she wasn’t intentional, she was flowy and go with the flow.  Although she wanted to have a vaginal birth but felt like a passive player in her birth journey.

As someone who taught women how to breathe through contractions, she felt like she was pretty across the board when it came to birth, she found she was quite naive when it came to how common and disruptive interventions can be.

Later towards the pregnancy Laura was told she had a “big baby” on board and there was conversation around induction as she didn’t want the baby to get “too big” and not come out of her pelvis.

She had heard a positive induction story from her sister-in-law where the baby was born with ease and no complications, so she was excited for her baby to be born after induction.

Laura felt like she wasn’t clued up on the induction process and after some gels not working, she had another dose and went walking for three hours in the city.

She was told her cervix was high, tight and closed shut.  Laura felt like there was a problem with her body after finding out that the induction process wasn’t working as she had thought.

She hadn’t entertained the idea of a c-section at this point either and was only 38+6 weeks at this time.

She was told she can go home and see what happens as nothing was happening, but she believes it was posed as not a good option and a c-section was the number one recommendation.

Laura decided to have a c-section and was overcome by emotion leading her to crying and moving through the grief of the situation she found herself in.

She felt like she had a pretty positive birth experience. Her baby was born 4.1 kilos.

She was very motivated for a VBAC the second time round and read some hypnobirthing books to prepare. Her OBGYN was VBAC supportive, and she felt she was on track for a VBAC.

Laura wasn’t keen on being induced and her OBGYN wasn’t keen on using hormones for induction either.  So only mechanic inductions (breaking of waters were available).

Baby wasn’t measuring as big as the first baby.  Laura felt a lot more confident with the baby’s size.  She had a healthy pregnancy.

She got to 40 weeks and there was chat happening about “baby needs to be born soon”.  She felt like a lot of people throwing stillbirth in her face and the risks around having a longer gestation baby.

There was conversation of a repeat C-Section after a certain timeframe 40+ 9 and that was the plan if Laura went over that timeframe.

Vaginal checks were disheartening and adding fuel to the fire of “all the things wrong” with her body and she had mindset wobbles around her pelvis being too small, or her body not working which played a toll on her mindset and her choices.

Laura also comes from a lineage of women who have had c-sections.  Her mother had three and her grandmother had one as well – so she was telling herself “That’s just my story”

The night before the C-Section Laura started feeling period cramps and couldn’t stand still, she lost her mucus plug and called the hospital to let them know that things were happening.

She spoke to her OBGYN who said it was good.  This went on for 24 hours and she went into hospital and was positive something was happening.  Her cervix was closed, tight, shut, zero CMS.

She felt disappointed and felt like her body was broken and failing her.  She was offered a C-section and decided that must be the best option.

Her baby was born 40+9 and 4 kilos.

Laura said she took it in her stride and saw the positive side.  She recovered well and felt a little bit of relief that she didn’t have to go down the VBAC journey again with her next baby.

She decided she would have a maternal assisted caesarean birth with her baby.   She felt like worrying about the VBAC was a lot, so her positive spin was an easier maternal caesarean delivered baby.

Laura had moved to a different location and didn’t want to travel 1.5 hours to her OBGYN with this next pregnancy and looked for a new OBGYN and found one male DR who was willing to try the maternal assisted delivery, after sharing his concerns with her.

After a couple of appointments Laura felt like this wasn’t the right path for her and she started to think about a different way to birth her baby.

She found a supportive midwife to support her in a homebirth.  They did all the “right things” and went through all the risks, signed a bunch of paperwork and found it hard to get a referral for her homebirth from a GP.

She was really tapped into her intuition and was leaning into what felt right and advocating for herself.

She found her midwife to be supportive and she started to trust her body and started believing her body wasn’t broken.

She decided to hire an air bnb to be close to the hospital so the midwife felt more confident for her registration. Her midwife had a lot of pressure and Laura felt like the air bnb wasn’t a good choice eventually.

She let her midwife know and her midwife couldn’t take on her care as it was such a risk for midwife.  This was at 35 weeks.  Laura had an awesome birth doula who had attended multiple FBA2C & previous freebirths and she was so trusting of the universe that all would be okay.

She had a mini meltdown but was handling it well.

Laura went into labour at 42 weeks and was in labour for three days.  The days were so long.  She didn’t eat for 3 days. Trying to get comfortable.  She did a lot of swearing, moaning and groaning and asking to be taken to the hospital for a caesarean birth.

They had done Rhea Dempsey’s birth course and Laura found the crisis of confidence prepared them for this long birth.  Her husband kept telling her she was doing an amazing job and supported her through the birth.

She was getting intense back pain, it felt like someone was stabbing her in the back.  It was full on.  She thinks the baby was posterior.  No pushing was happening.

She got into the birth pool and eventually she had this feeling to stand upright, and she had this bearing down feeling and was pushing for about 45 minutes and then her baby came out!!

She just kept saying I did it, I did it, I can’t believe she is here! YAY!

Listen to this episode now to hear all the juicy details and smile along with us!!


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