In this episode, we meet Meagan from The VBAC Link.

Meg and I talked about VBAC statistics along with part of her over VBA2C birth story.

We discuss the statistic rates for the below topics:

  • Uterine Rupture rates for VBAC
  • Uterine Rupture rates for VBAMC
  • Close gaps between births – uterine rupture rates
  • Percentages of people who are candidates
  • The VBAC Calculator

And sooo much more.

Meg and I just had so much fun talking and we had so much to talk about.

You can find the resources for the episode that we discussed here:

Length between pregnancies: 

Getting Pregnant After C-Section: How Long Should You Wait?

Uterine Rupture Rates:

How to REALLY Understand the Risk for Uterine Rupture

Rupture in pregnancy:

VBAC after C-Section:

VBAC Supportive Directory – Worldwide:

Please note, this is a list of providers who have been recommended to us by members

of our online communities. Each provider operates independently of The VBAC Link. It

is the responsibility of the parents to properly screen their provider and make sure they

are a good fit for their individual birth needs.

You can find this PDF in the VBAC Link Facebook Community in the featured section-

Meagan co-founded the VBAC Link in 2018.

She really found her love for birth in 2014 after her second C-Section, and since has supported over 300 couples as a birth doula. Meagan’s passion for VBAC started after her own experiences. After her two C-sections she had a VBA2C. Already loving birth she felt called to the VBAC community even more than ever. Her drive is to help women like herself feel educated, supported, and empowered during their birthing time.
She has a podcast @thevbaclink, education course for parents and birth workers to have a one stop shop to learn all things VBAC, and more.

You can connect with Megan below:


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