Today, I thought it would be good to talk about connecting to your intuition. And I think this is a really good topic, because it’s something that is I find one of the most important things at our disposal, that we as people can use and utilise.

And so some of us might naturally have very strong intuition. And some may find that we may be strong in our intuition, but we don’t listen to it. And sometimes it’s a little bit harder for us to listen to that voice or even recognize that voice at all.

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Sharing my journey with connecting with my intuition

So I kind of want to share my experience and where I’ve been coming from, and how I’ve been reconnecting with my intuition lately. 

I recently did some coaching myself with a amazing coach who helped me, you know, I sign up for a few coaches and, and a lot of them were saying, you know, you’ve got really strong intuition, but what’s happening is that you’re not connected to your body. 

I think a lot I am also I don’t know, if you know, about what is it called, it’s called, it’s like one of those numerology things, but I can’t remember what it’s called now, it’s a new one that’s come out anyways, I can’t think of the word. But it’s because I also did like this money one. 

The path of finding my intuition & myself

Anyway, I’m on this path of finding out about myself and loving myself appreciating myself celebrating myself. So I can’t remember the name of it. 

Actually, I’m a generator. So that means that I respond to things that come in, and my head is open. So I quite often get overwhelmed. Because information does come through my head, I’m a seeker of knowledge and want to learn all things. 

My head’s completely open, if you believe in this sort of thing. And essentially, I’m really good at responding. So if somebody if I see some content online, it’s so much easier for me to respond to that, if I know what you know, know about it, then actually think of content to write or talk about. 

If I’m listening to a podcast, so much easier for me to do a live if I’m responding to something I’ve just learned or just heard about, or if I see somebody and I think, oh, I want to respond to that. It’s human design. That’s what it’s called. 

You may have heard about it. It’s called human design. So I’m a generator, and I was going down the path of speaking to all these coaches, and they all said to me, you know, you’re in your head, and you’re thinking and so I think I went down a bit of a path where I was, I overriding my intuition with my thinking.

Reason & logic feel more valued in society

Because it logically feels better and more powerful, because in this society, we definitely put on the pedastool thinking minds, people who have got university degrees, people who we call, intellectuals, or scholars and that sort of thing. 

And I do that myself, I’m like, oh, that person’s got a PhD. They must like be all well knowing and amazing. 

That takes away from our intuition and everything that we have all the information that we have at our disposal and, and so I’ve been grappling I suppose my whole life, because in society we deem people who have university degrees, or people who think and a rational and logical almost like in the Vulcan way.

It’s okay to have rage if you’re a man, or to be angry if you’re a man.

A bit of history on how women were treated by society

But historically speaking, women were put into psychiatric hospitals for showing emotion or what would they call it hysterical or having hysteria, they would call it and you get locked up in the psychiatric hospital and get tortured because they would deem us “too emotional”. 

Now we live in a culture, where it’s all about the artificial medical medicine and all the drugs and all this sort of stuff. 

And so we’re kind of sold on the artificial stuff is the better way of life and, and band aid fixes rather than, eating proper foods and using herbal medicine and things like that. 

So I guess, when I think about it that way, that it’s been a pretty confusing world and life because it makes so much sense to me now. 

And after seeing how some of the other cultures live, and how, humans have lived with the Earth, it seems like the complete opposite of what we’re actually doing now living with plastics and destroying the world. 

And it seems like the complete opposite of what we’ve ever done. And so when you’re living in a culture in a world that is living a complete opposite lifestyle, and in destroying everything, then it’s really hard to kind of come back to your roots. 

So I’m not really surprised that I haven’t been listening to my body.

I was told I was crazy or judgemental, so I ignored my intuition

Also, when I have had experiences of intuition show up for me, quite often, I’ve been told that I’m crazy, or that I’m judgmental. And so that’s really interesting. 

That’s because my intuition is not something I could prove, I would have a feeling about a person and I would know that their energy results, or that they were dangerous, or they were acting shady. 

Because the people around me overrode that intuition, those feelings, or they didn’t recognize them themselves, they would say to me that I was being judgmental, or I was being “crazy”. 

And that shows up a lot for me in my lifetime, in my whole experience, because we live in a world that wants evidence, you can’t have evidence unless you have evidence, you can’t have evidence of a gut feeling. 

And I mean, I’ve got so many experiences in my lifetime, that is just an intuitive thing. I just know something. I don’t know how I know it, but I know it. And it’s, I’ve always silenced it.

Listening to others as authority v’s my intuition

And I’ve always, quite often, will listen to somebody else, and done what they’re doing. Unless it’s like screaming at me like No, no, no. And so that’s where I’ve been the last maybe six months. 

It’s been really great. I worked with an amazing coach who was helping me to connect more with my intuition. I feel like I am a very intuitive person. But I felt like there was a bit of disconnection there between the head and the body. And I feel like I’m getting it now. 

I know that like when it came to my birth, I was allowing, I feel like when it comes to my body in a birthing or medical situation, I know when something’s wrong, it’s just how far will you take it to go get the help. 

Intuition, Intuition, Intuition & Freebirth

When I decided I was having my free birth, I knew I had to rely on my intuition and instincts. 

I felt really okay with that because I felt, I would know, if I, if I needed help, just like my whole life, I knew if I needed to go to the hospital, which, I’ve never needed to go, but I think I would have known if I needed to go and I intuitively would have known those things. 

But looking back, I probably wasn’t as intuitive as I thought I was. It’s just in certain examples. I am really intuitive. 

And so how do you become more intuitive because somebody just responded to one of my emails, and they said that when I talked about intuition and being intuitive and not listening to what’s happening in your body, they said that they don’t have any messages from their body or they don’t have any intuition about things. 

And so they couldn’t hear what was kind of happening or they didn’t know because they didn’t feel any red flags or they couldn’t feel anything.

And I think they will probably happen but they’re not attuned to the feeling of listening. So it’s about really connecting with yourself and taking in and noticing when you’re actually feeling those things come up for you. 

Examples of your Intuition speak to you

So recently, I’ve been listening to the audiobook by Brene Brown called Braving the Wilderness she really speaks about standing by yourself and being alone and being okay with being alone. 

This is a book that my coach recommended that I listened to. And as I listened to it, I felt Oh, this is why I felt alone my whole life, there were so many ways that I have lost my way of connecting with people in real life. 

But more importantly, it’s that I’ve quite often stood up for things that I believe I’ve had the courage to stand up and be a voice for other people when they haven’t had the courage to stand up for themselves. 

And this goes back as young as being a child. I remember all through school of not liking when children were bullied and standing up for people and standing up for children. 

Standing alone in the wilderness

When I was younger when I was on the school bus, there was a little boy who used to go to a special school and he was very, very, very disabled. He couldn’t talk. He had physical disabilities, and the children used to bully him on the school bus a lot. 

And so it was not cool to be seen with him. Let’s just say that. And I decided that it was an injustice. And I felt it was disgusting. It was an injustice. And I was only I think I was in primary school, or maybe I was just in early high school. So I was only young. 

His name was Sam. And he was so beautiful and gentle. When you were gentle and beautiful to him. And his mother, I remember her. Oh, it’s making me emotional to think about it. Because now I’m a mum.

I didn’t grasp the situation when I was a child. She pulled me off the bus one day, she’d heard that I’d taken him under my wing. So every time he got on the bus, I’d sit with him. And then when, I got back on the bus in the afternoon, I’d sit with him. 

Once she pulled me off the bus and said to me, thank you so much, she gave me a little gift. And she thanked me. She said, I’m so overwhelmed with looking after Sam and my other children, it’s so much for me. 

And I remember, she was so emotional. And I didn’t think it was much because I was only a child. And I used to sit with him on the bus. And I used to stand up for him, children would use him as a weapon, and they would get him to attack other children. 

And he would just do it because he was easily influenced. As I got older, I chose to move away from being his protector or friend and sitting with him. 

But I definitely sat with him for a long time. 

I was also the older child of there were three of us. So I was always an older child. So I always had it, I was raised that you stand up for injustices and you stand up for your sisters. 

Being an older sister made me a natural protector 

So I always stood up for my sisters which caused me to get bullied at school because of my sister. And it caused me to be put in the line of fire. But there’s no way I would not say anything, because I would always protect those who I feel need to be protected. 

And that’s like something I’ve had to work through my whole life as a rescuer. So I try not to rescue people now. But I can see how in my life as I grew up, I definitely stood alone. And I have definitely stood up for things. 

And I will say to people, if I don’t agree with them a lot of the time, I definitely won’t let things slide and that’s why I hate politics. I hate governments and the wheeling and dealing and all those sorts of things because it just doesn’t go with my values and how my transparency and how I like to be and why have a really strong. 

 Certain people really ticked me off people who are not transparent people who are manipulative people who take advantage of people.

As you can imagine, the hospital system for me is just one big challenging mind game because I find that so many women are left victims, this system that just wants to eat them alive. 

But this book is a really amazing book, some of the things that one of the tasks that my coach got me to do was to every day just listen to my intuition and act on my intuition. 

So if you want to connect with your intuition more, I recommend that you do this because it really helped me. She said that no matter how big or small the calling is listen to it because It’ll work out in the end. 

I said that’s crazy. That’s absolutely crazy. But then I didn’t know how to listen to my intuition. What was the thought? And what was actually my intuition coming through. 

And I realised that a lot of the time, my intuition was like, you better clean up that mess. Because if you don’t clean that spill up the baby will, someone’s going to slip over on it, right? 

My intuition was talking to me

So what I was doing was actually overriding my intuition with “Oh, you’re too tired, just go sit down”. And so then what would happen was, of course, I mean, it’s logical. If there’s a spill, someone’s going to eventually fall over and I have to clean it up anyways, right? 

That’s an example of one of the things that my intuition was telling me. And I was like, so I don’t know if this is intuition. But this is something that keeps coming up for me. And what I realized through this process for me is that I did have intuition. 

I have intuition all the time. But I don’t listen to it, because I’m overriding it with thinking. 

So now what I do, a lot of the time, what I’m trying to do when I’m practicing, is listening to the very first thing that comes up before having that awareness before you can say, “I’m too tired” to bring the washing in. 

I intuitively feel like it’s gonna rain and then you go inside, forget about it, go make a cup of coffee, forget about it and then it starts raining, and you’re like, Oh, damn, I should have brought it in that’s your intuition. 

And when you look at your tank in your petrol tank, and you’re like, oh, I should fill up the car, because it’s cheap fuel today. And then you go home, and then it’s 40 cents more expensive per liter, the next day, you’re like, Oh, now I should listen to my intuition. 

My intuition was getting overridden

I realized I was having these things all the time. Also, what was getting overridden was when you know, if I hired somebody, or if if I had someone who promised that they were going to do X, Y, and Z, and then they weren’t fulfilling their commitment, they were working for me. 

And I would go into Oh, I can’t, I can’t tell them, I can’t, I can’t have a conversation with them. I can’t sack them. However, you want to say it, because I wouldn’t be thinking too much. But intuitively, if I listened to myself, it was screaming, get out of there, get out, get out, get out.

What was happening was instead of me listening to that and trusting, that’s the surrendering again, if you listen to last, the last episode, it was all about surrendering. 

But it’s about trusting and believing that you no matter what you’ve got this!

Taking the easier path short term

What I do naturally, and you may be able to relate to this is that my intuition will kick and scream, no, no, no, don’t do this. But it’ll be like, Oh, but then you’ve got to do this. And then you’ve got to do that. 

And this is just like the easier path, but it isn’t, it’s just trying to keep you safe. Because it’s it does. It’s unknown. Otherwise, if you if you cut it off there and say, okay, fine, I’m going to take my car to a different mechanic or I’m going to leave this midwife or whatever it is before you’ve set up another plan, how will you know that you’re going to be safe? 

And I’m not saying that you should do that, right? Because there’s nothing wrong with going to check out somebody else and make the plans before you make that, you know, say it out loud.

But what often happens is we override ourselves with “Oh, you’re being silly”, or “she’s fine’. Or the situation is fine. “You’re being silly”, or, you know, this is what other people do when it comes to the hospital system, right? Everyone goes in the hospital.

Not listening to our intuition during pregnancy

So you know, you just got to suck it up. Because it’s it’s “normal”.  Even though with my first baby intuitively, I was saying, I didn’t know what was wrong. I just knew something was wrong. 

I was like, this is not like what I expected. The kind of care I expected, I’m waiting here for an hour to wait for an appointment. 

I am feeling lonely and feeling uneducated, and I feel a really cold reception, I feel alone. And this is not how I thought it was going to be.

Imagine if I sat with myself and I sat there and I journaled, and I took some time to see what other options were available from that inner intuition telling me this is not right. 

It may have come out to me:  Ashley, this doesn’t feel good. You know, if I, if I listened to that, and I followed that, that voice, instead of saying you need to suck it up, this is what everyone else does. 

Or spiraling into negative talk of my options:  you can’t afford any other option. I could have seen what other options I had. 

That’s my narrative. And that’s my story. Often I talk myself down from things and I put myself into a position of not having any power before I’ve even looked at my options. Because I told myself, I’m being “too dramatic”. 

I’m being over the top. And I think as a highly sensitive person that often comes I’m very critical of myself, and I will blame myself before I outwardly blame other people. 

I will look at myself and my situation, and then I will talk myself out of it. And I’ll say No, you’re a troublemaker, you’re making too much trouble. You’re asking for too much. That’s my narrative, you may come up with a different narrative for yourself with some of the things that I find helpful. 

I’ve been journaling. So I’ve been writing it down. I find that I find a lot of wisdom when I journal and I don’t do it every day. I’m not somebody that’s like Yeah, I do it every day. 

I use meditation as a way of grounding my energy and allowing myself to be calm and relaxed. And I find that journaling is a really good way for me to connect with how I really feel, and also talk out loud. 

Gathering evidence when intuition has served me

I think this new way of connecting with my intuition is been really helpful, too. So then to extend on that, I also wrote down evidence of the times I listened to my intuition. So all the times I listen to my intuition, and how did it serve me? Did it get me into trouble? Or was it actually really good? 

And then the times that I didn’t listen to my intuition? And did it serve me or did it wasn’t good, a lot of the time that I found that I didn’t listen to my intuition, I went a different path, it usually wasn’t helpful, and it usually didn’t work out very well for me. 

And the times that I did listen to my intuition, nothing bad came of it most of the time. I can’t actually think of any times when I listened to my intuition, and something bad came from it. It’s like, I know, I should be going to bed at 1030 tonight, but I’ll watch another TV episode, right? 

That’s our mind convincing us and then you say, up to 12 o’clock, and then you get up at, you know, the baby wakes up at six, and then you’re like, Oh, damn, I should have gone to bed earlier, that’s not listening to intuition, your body’s giving you a message about something that that you should be doing. 

And you override it with thinking. So I realize that I override my intuition way too many times. And so I did this crazy challenge that my coach told me to do. And it turns out that my intuition is actually really smart and knows a lot. And actually, I can trust my intuition. And so that feels really powerful and really amazing. 

For me, now, it’s kind of integrating my intuition with other people’s thoughts or other people’s intuition. 

I’m trying to integrate that into the next step. So obviously, there’s a bit of a step process to this. And that comes with boundaries and communication skills, and being able to back yourself and be brave enough to speak up when you need to. 

But this gives you a little bit of a starting point obviously, those are other episodes we can talk about. 

Or if you want to reach out and talk more send me a message on Instagram here

I think this gives you a really good starting point to connect him with intuition. I would love to hear from you, either on Instagram or by email I want to hear what experiences have you had? 

Do you connect with this at all? Is this making you think, Oh, damn, I had my intuition and it wasn’t listening to I didn’t realize that was intuition? 

Are you looking back at some of your past experiences? And thinking? Yes, that was my intuition. You know, sometimes, it’ll be a little message like that, you know, like, Oh, should go to bed?

Or sometimes it’s a big scream like, yes, or a big scream. No. And for me, I definitely know where my body’s screaming for a no. And it’s like you clench up you feel really agitated, you don’t want to do it, you just know that this is not right. 

Have a think, use some of the tools I’ve talked about and let me know!

Enjoy this episode!

Ashley x


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