How to survive the last weeks of pregnancy

As your pregnancy nears its end, fatigue and anticipation can take over. You’ve got aches and pains and you’re just longing to have that beautiful bundle in your arms! Trust me, I’ve been there too! Knowing this, I like to encourage new mamas to take the last few weeks or days of their pregnancy to get organized for baby, to pamper themselves, and to really savour their pregnancy.

I’ve got some tips to help you celebrate this special time and find tranquility in the final stretch.

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Doing some of this activities makes time fly by faster and you’ll create special memories in the process!

  • Be organised and prepared for your homebirth & arrival of your baby
  • Get pampered
  • Switch of from social media
  • Get your mindset right
  • Focus on being happy and relaxed (and how to do that)
  • Make a Date with Your Guess Date



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