Briana’s Freebirth after Classical Scar (baby loss at 20 weeks) Rainbow Baby Story

Let’s meet Briana Mum of three, two boys and one little girl and lives in Virginia, USA. In this episode, we have the honor of hearing Briana’s remarkable homebirth story.

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A promising start, Briana’s First Homebirth

Briana planned for a homebirth with first baby, had a great experience. Had pre-term labour at 31 weeks and baby came around 37 weeks. The birth was straight forward around 9 hours and baby was born at home.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Second baby everything was going to plan up until 20 weeks and during that time she was looking at houses and she was hit in a car accident. She ended up suffering from a placental abruption and she was rushed to hospital.

She found out her baby’s heart rate had decreased dramatically. She was put under GA and rushed into surgery in a bid to save her baby’s life.

Unfortunately, her baby didn’t make it. A devastating loss.

She had a classical C-section and was told that any other babies need to be born via C-Section.

Seeking Homebirth Support and Overcoming Challenges

With baby three Briana looked around with supportive midwives for a homebirth and couldn’t find anyone. She was told by many that it was “too risky” and encouraged to birth in hospital.

She was unsure during her pregnancy if she would vaginally birth or have a repeat C-section and at 31 weeks she decided to have a VBAC in the hospital and was seeing midwives for antenatal care.

Rediscovering Birth on Her Terms

She started to learn about physiological birth and then felt like hospital birth wasn’t the right path. She started to research it further after seeing some Instagram videos and posts and completely changed her mind about her birth environment.

She did not inform the midwife of the change of birth plans and continued with the antenatal support and appointments.

Briana went into labour around 40 + 5 and she planned to labour alone as much as possible with a friend who planned to come & support her around 7 pm. Within 30 minutes of her friend arriving her waters broke and her body started pushing and her baby was out.

Briana said it was the toughest labour and intense from the start, but one of the best birth experiences she has had so far.


Listen to Briana’s awe-inspiring journey in this episode and be inspired by her courage, determination, and the incredible joy she found through her

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