Posterior Birth

In this episode, I discuss the signs of a posterior birth and shed light on its true nature as a variation of normal birth.

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Unveiling the Secrets of Posterior Birth: A Variation of Normal

Posterior birth is simply a variation of normal birth – yetttttttt so many women have unnecessary disruption to their births.

YES – even in a homebirth you can get railroaded to transfer early because your birth isn’t following the good old-fashioned “textbook” birth map!


Some things that are normal and can happen in posterior births

During a posterior birth, several phenomena can occur:

  • Longer Breaks Between Contractions: Instead of adhering to a strict pattern, contractions in posterior births may follow their own rhythm, allowing for pauses between surges of intensity.
  • Pushing in a Different Manner: Contrary to the conventional “pushing stage,” posterior births often involve intermittent pushing, with each contraction guiding the baby’s descent and rotation for a vaginal birth.
  • Back Pain and Possible Leg Numbing: As your baby’s head exerts pressure on the nerves, you might experience back pain and temporary numbness in your legs, which are entirely normal aspects of the birthing process.
  • Patience Through Dilation: It’s important to remember that even when you’re fully dilated, it can take hours for your baby to descend lower and properly position themselves for birth. 

So you see the old “textbook” birth story isn’t the only type of birth and we need to start normalising posterior births!


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