I remember the excitement around trying for both of our babies. And the first signs of pregnancy I had. 

I became a little obsessed with the process and would always test way too early and feel super depressed and sad when the pregnancy test was negative.

Even though I was testing way too early for the test to detect a pregnancy.

So if you are a little more patient than I was you may be wanting to feel into your pregnancy and allow your body to show you the signs of your pregnancy.

This is exactly what I plan on doing for my next baby. 

I even want to go without testing and just allow a missed period and other symptoms to tell me what’s happening.

Could you do that?

I love the idea of being in tune with my body and I believe we rely too much on other technologies to tell us what’s happening when most of the time can intuitively pick it up.

If I had of listened to my body with the first pregnancy, I would have known the signs with a terrible headache, being exhausted and needing to nap during the day and very sore breasts.

Here are some of the tell tales that you may be pregnant!

Sore breasts

As mentioned before one of the first symptoms I had were sore breasts. 

I used to love laying down on my belly, but my breasts were so painful and sensitive I couldn’t do this!

You may find that yours are sore, tingly, heavier or fuller.

Morning Sickness

One of the first signs for many women is feeling nasua and ill.  This is known as morning sickness (or all day sickness as many women experience). 

Bleeding or Cramping

Your may experience some light bleeding or spotting and cramping around the time of implantation, which can make you think that you are getting your period!

I didn’t experience any spotting with my first, so when I experienced it with my second just days after a positive pregnancy test I was sure I was having a miscarriage and raced to the hospital.

False alarm it was just implantation bleeding. I went on to have a healthy full term pregnancy. 


Nothing will prepare for you for the zap of energy that you will experience during the first trimester.

Oh my goodness.  I was in bed by 6pm most nights and barely able to keep my eyes awake during the day at work.

Some days I think I just sat there staring at the screen trying to sleep with my eyes open. 

I found myself having to sleep during every lunch break.

How can something so small make you feel sooo tired?  Your body is going through huge changes as your tiny little baby is being made!

The real reason is the higher levels of the hormone progesterone. In high levels progesterone can put you to sleep!


During pregnancy you may experience many mild headaches, this is caused by the increased blood circulation caused by hormonal changes.

Food Aversions

When you are pregnant you may find yourself turned off by foods that you used to love.  I found that I couldn’t drink or eat dairy until 20 weeks (it made me super sick).

Food Cravings

Equally you might start to crave new foods that you didn’t even like before or ever eat!

I found myself craving foods with dairy in them, even though it made me very ill.  Weird I know!

But as my pregnancy went along I was craving salads, broccoli, fried chicken, carrots and even ice! (sometimes you can have pica cravings, like coal, ice or stones!).

Missed Period

This one is an obvious one for anyone who is regular. But for those who don’t have regular cycles, relying on this tell tale may be a little more tricky!

If  you have a missed period and receiving a negative test – head to your GP to take a blood test and check what may be happening.

Whether you are trying to conceive a baby at the moment or finding yourself with a bit of a surprise, I want you to know that there is support for you on your journey into Motherhood!  



Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle

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