EP25| Ashley – Five months postpartum, breastfeeding, pelvic prolapse, working with trauma, HSP & modern cloth nappies

In this episode, I share the past five months of being a mother of three, and the up’s and downs of that journey!

I believe in story sharing and the powerful benefits that women can gain from hearing about the challenges and how people deal with those challenges in their everyday lives.

I walk through breastfeeding, how I worked through tie issues with Millie.

And some of the mindset challenges I’ve had in my breastfeeding journey.

Some of the illnesses I’ve had that I believe are related to pelvic prolapse issues which I believe are well and truly on the way to healing.

Rewriting some of the stories that are coming up with the trauma of my hospital stay and Millie being in special care.

Having to navigate huge feelings of anger, grief, sadness and finding the positive’s in the experiences I have had.

Working with being a highly sensitive person and mothering a highly sensitive child.

Which has led us to choose to unschool our oldest child.

And finally, I discuss how much I love using modern cloth nappies!

If you would like me to talk more on these topics further or if you are currently going through one of these challenges and want to chat more send me an email hello@themotherhoodcircle.com.au or Book a discovery call below.

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