EP19| Ashley – Part 2 – Plus Size, Freebirth after two C-Sections + Special scar

In this episode, I share my Freebirth after two C-Sections.

The fill journey – the third conception, pregnancy & birth story/ journey.

This is a pregnancy and birth I had been planning for a very long time.

One that I was excited was finally here.

But also very scared and fearful for making this brave and bold choice to birth our third baby out of the system.

After two c-sections and no previous experience birthing vaginally.

I share some of the fears and challenges I faced emotionally, my horrible HG experience.

As well as finding my birth doula’s and then finally the epic free birth of 2020 (well for me anyway!! haha).

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I faced this pregnancy right as Covid hit us here in Australia and spent the entire pregnancy through the Covid crises.

My epic freebirth was calm, positive and supported by both my husband and my doulas.

I wanted my birth to feel safe

I felt safe & peaceful and am so grateful that we chose this way to birth our baby into the world.

It was a joint effort and I had so much love and support from my husband throughout pregnancy and the birth.

It was a healing and loving experience for both of us which has seen a special bond between our daughter Millie and her father Royce grow from the very start.

My hubby described this birth as the best & most connected of all three births

He has described the birth as the best birth of all our three and one he had involvement in, helping him to feel instant love and connection with our baby girl.

(You should see the way he is with her – he’s deeply in love).

I believe when men are involved in a calm and loving homebirth it is a great benefit to the whole collective, the mother, father and the baby.

It is a beautiful gift and one we welcome.

I planned to have an instinctive birth and I believe in many ways I was able to achieve that until right at the end of my birth when babies head was emerging.

The baby was found stuck from the waist down for a little while and this is known as a soft dystocia.

After a while of forced/ coached pushing and hubby pulling she emerged safely into our loving arms.

Another baby girl!

A healthy-sized 4.5 kilo/ 10 Pound little girl we named Amelia Joy (Millie).

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I had no tearing as well which is amazing to me!

I am glad I had my birth doula’s with me on the day to provide the practical and nurturing support I had hoped for during this time.

Easy to listen:

  • Conception: 2:30 – 16:00
  • Pregnancy & HG: 16:00 – 31:00
  • Doula – Finding the Doula: 31:00 – 49:30
  • Birth 49:30

Listen to this episode now!!

With love,

Ashley x

Listen to this episode now!

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