It’s time to create your dream freebirth support team!   

Your support dream team will be crafted by you. 

Create what you need to make you feel supported, heard, seen and confident for your freebirth.   

This may look different from each person depending on the amount of support that you currently have and your personality and your temperament. 

For example, a highly sensitive person like myself may need a lot more support than somebody who is not really needing that much emotional support or maybe already has quite a lot of practical support. 

So have a think about your current support and what things you’ve already got set up by understanding the support circle that you currently have. 

Then start looking at the steps below so that you can really get that dream team that you crave and deserve through this freebirth journey

First up, Practical/hands-on Support 

You want to think about your birth from a practical perspective.  

Who do you want with you on the day to support you practically?  

Do not invite or have anyone in your birth space that you do not feel safe around or who is not experienced in freebirth/ undisturbed, or trusting in you & your ability to birth. 

The people who support you in the birth space must be people you know will show up for you in a way that makes you feel good.  

Not leaving you having to worry about what they could do, or if you are going to be worrying about them the whole time.  

Keep numbers to a minimum and make sure you have them there for a purpose.

Ways a practical/hands on support can help on the day: 

  • Providing encouragement 
  • Helping you work through any intensity or pain 
  • Filing up the pool (if you have one)  
  • Bringing you drinks, snacks 
  • Looking after other children 
  • Supporting your partner 
  • Providing massage to help you work through contractions 
  • Emotionally supporting you, with words of affirmations, their presence and energy 
  • Gentle touch (if you want it) 

You may have your partner, your mother, mil, sister, best friend or freebirth doula/birth keeper as your practical/hands on support. 

Freebirth knowledge 

Of course, it’s super important for you to learn as much about freebirth as you possibly can so you feel confident to birth the way you have chosen.   

And as a HSP if you are anything like me you will want to get your hands on as much information as possible!  

Of course, you only have a limited amount of time to absorb (depending on how far along you are, and energy comes into play).  

So having someone with freebirth knowledge or understanding, to guide you through and answer any questions you have is helpful and cuts your time down a lot!

Emotional Support – just what a HSP needs during pregnancy 

When thinking of your emotional support throughout pregnancy consider what the benefits of having a dream emotional support team are. 

Here are some examples: 

  • So, you can feel more supported & understood 
  • So, you are not allowing other people’s fears & worries cloud your judgement 
  • So, you can trust in yourself & your body leading up to and in birth 
  • So, you can connect in more with your intuition and knowing 
  • So, you feel safe and grounded 
  • So, you don’t feel frantic and alone in this 
  • So, you can have your FREEBIRTH  

The investment and effort you put into your mindset and emotional support network is sometimes the difference between birthing at home and transferring early into hospital because of fear that you haven’t worked through, or a lack of belief in yourself.  

Having someone to work through your mindset challenges and get that emotional support through pregnancy can really set you up for your dream freebirth.  

You can find a digital doula & mentor like myself who has had a freebirth and works with women who freebirth. 

Who understands your journey as a HSP and creates a safe space for you to have deep conversation, ongoing support and guides you through the journey so you grow your knowledge around instinctive, physiological & undisturbed birth.


To wrap up this this blog – Create your dream support team for your freebirth  

We covered:  

  • First up, Practical/hands on Support 
  • Freebirth knowledge 
  • Emotional Support – just what a HSP needs during pregnancy 

I hope that this blog helps you to set up and create your freebirth dream support team. 

You absolutely deserve to have all the support you want & need through this journey.   

It’s your time to shine birthing goddess!   

Want more support in your journey?  

Check out my FREE Workshop where you will learn how to get more emotional support in your freebirth pregnancy.

Until next time,  

Ashley x

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