In this episode, I share some of the supplies I used in my freebirth – as well as talk about why they came in handy!

Here is the list I typed up for notes for this episode to save you writing everything down.

I got into more detail and share how to use some of the supplies or why I think they are important to include.

Some of these on the list are not included in this segment – but I have included them 🙂

Enjoy this episode!


Birthing pool (if you want one)

Waterproof torch


Drinking safe hose and connector

Pump and attachments

Pool liner

Scoop/mesh for poop

Cushion/ing for under the pool liner if the pool or bath is flat

Thermometer (floating is helpful)

Heating method and back up plan eg large pots on stove or electric kettle

Dried flowers


Other items (not specifically for the birthing pool)

Herbs & tinctures (if you want herbs ) talk about some of the issues – get from herbalist

Puppy pads pack of 10 or 20

Wash clothes (for head, cool or heat


Mattress or mat for the floor with a waterproof

Waterproof liners for the couch/ bed

Bucket or bowel for vomit

Supportive & helpful (practical and emotional supportive people)

Birthing outfit


Set the room – ambiance


“birthing” ball

Fairy lights

Positive affirmations

Dark – safe space to birth

Camera for photos/ video

Heater/ aircon if needed


Pain management:

Essential oils in rollers or homeopathy

Hot water/ birthing pool or shower

Tens machine

Massage/ hip squeezes

Birthing comb

Massage oil


Snacks and food (for you and any birth partners/attendants)

Drink and straw (like a metal straw) lemonade, coconut water (whatever you like) water



Bowl or ice cream tub for placenta

Large ziplock bag if you intend to freeze the placenta (can freeze in container too)

Something to cut the chord (if you plan on not doing a lotus birth) scissors or candle to burn



manuka honey and seaweed strips (minor tears)


For Baby

Cord clamp/ tie

Towel (warm)


Scales to weigh baby

measuring tape

Clothes for baby



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