EP23| Vanessa – Accidental Homebirth born en caul

In this episode, we meet Vanessa, a school teacher, mother of two based in Brisbane. 

Vanessa decided to trust in private health care and selected a private OBGYN who had been recommended to her.  

She loved having continuity of care and took a calm birth class planning for a vaginal birth for her first child. 

At 38 + 2 her waters broke while on holidays and a total surprise to her, and she was admitted into hospital later that night. 

After a cascade of interventions & a failure to wait that birth ended up in a c-section.

With her little babe being sent to special care for low temp.

Vanessa met a photographer who was also a doula who started to plant seeds of information.

She did book in with another OBGYN at the start of her second pregnancy, but she felt she wasn’t receiving the type of care she wanted and needed.

She started to question whether this OBGYN would do a bait and switch at the end of pregnancy and not support her vaginal birth.

Vanessa joined VBAC support groups and decided to go through a public hospital this time round.  

Keeping in the back of her mind that a homebirth may happen and that wouldn’t be so bad in these times of Covid when only 1 support partner was at times permitted in the birthing suite. 

When Vanessa went into labour she was expecting a really long labour and thought she had much more time than she had.  She called her doula and not long after her doula arrived she was birthing her baby at home en caul! 

Listen to this episode now to hear more about Vanessa’s accidental VBAC Homebirth.

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