Holistic dental care for mother & baby

Dental care is important to consider for mothers & babies during pregnancy as well as once baby is born. 

Many mothers will be asked during pregnancy at an antenatal appointment whether they are seeing a dentist for dental care, although it’s often not explained why we are asked that question!

In this episode, I sit down and talk with Meliors the Holistic Tooth Fairy to discuss why it’s important you start to take care of your teeth and how you can do it holistically – preventing any damage before it’s done!


Meliors shares her knowledge & tooth fairy wisdom so you can have a smoother and healthier dental journey with your little one!


  • We discuss the importance of caring for your teeth during pregnancy, as well as after
  • How you can protect your babies dental health during pregnancy or even before conception
  • Why you should start looking into holistic dental care
  • How you can get extra support on your journey

More on Meliors!

I’m the Holistic Tooth Fairy, a natural oral health coach working online to support families all over the world to have strong teeth and healthy gums. 
I had terrible teeth all my life until I  prevented a root canal by changing my diet.
Now I help heal and prevent tooth decay and gum disease with natural, intuitive and self-help strategies. 


More on this episode

1)  What is a Holistic tooth fairy?

2) Can you list what mineral rich foods are that help with teeth health?

3) What can a mother do to keep her babies teeth strong & healthy

4) Tips & tricks for mum and baby 

Connect with Meliors

You can connect with Meliors on the following platforms and through her website!

Website: www.holistictoothfairy.com 
Facebook: @Holistic Tooth Fairy
Teeth for Life membership programme

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