A guide on what to pack in your hospital bag.

I remember the excitement and overwhelm of packing my own hospital bag for the first time.

It was so challenging to even begin to workout what I would need for me and my newborn baby. 

Luckily a mum friend of mine pop over and go through the hospital bag with me and make sure I had all the essentials!

If you are birthing in hospital or birthing centre you will more than likely be given a list of items to bring with you when it’s time to birth your gorgeous newborn baby.

Some birth places will provide some items, whereas others you will be required to bring everything.

This is a great little guide to get your started when it comes times to packing for your babies birthday!

Make sure you have this bag packed by 34 weeks just so you have a bit of peace of mind. 

You can always add to it as you go along!

Let’s start with baby!

It’s always exciting and fun looking at the teeny tiny baby items you have and no doubt been purchasing since you found out you were expecting!

Now you can start packing some of these items that your baby will be wearing and using (whoohoo!)

What to pack for baby:

  • Nappies/ disposable – maybe a pack of 24ish (or re-usable nappies)
  • Baby wipes (a pack or two should be more than enough)
  • Baby clothes – 6 to 8 x full length onsie with zip – I recommend a zipper as it’s so much easier than buttons, especially when your tiny little newborn is crying!
  • Baby mittens or socks – so that your little one doesn’t scratch their beautiful face with their sharp nails
  • Nail Snail – to trim those sharp little nails
  • Dummy – this is personal preference. Some parents like to start out fresh with no dummy for many different reasons.
  • Baby powder – I like something like curash to help with nappy rash from day one, plus it smells nice
  • Burp cloth – make sure you get something that is thick with a terry towel backing or just buy hand towels!
  • Love to Dream Swaddles were a personal life saver for my baby.

What to pack for you!

Now the most important part – getting all the things YOU will need for birth!

Don’t forget you are the most important person in this journey!

If you are happy and well looked after you can do a better job at caring for your newborn baby.  (remind your partner of this whenever they need a gentle nudge!)

Remember, you can add or remove any of these – use this as a good starting point and a guide!

  • Pack your ID, pregnancy book and a birth plan (if you have one)
  • Positive Birthing affirmations – to keep your positive mindset going!
  • Any essential oils you are planning to use
  • Soft face washer
  • Mobile phone & charger
  • Plastic bags – for wet or dirty clothes!
  • Clothes for you – fitting nightgowns/tracksuit pants, singlets, jumper/cardigan, socks & slippers
  • Music
  • Favourite nourishing snacks – to keep you full of energy!
  • Lollies
  • Camera for filming/ taking photos (or phone)
  • Comfortable nursing bra or singlets
  • Maternity underwear
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, some lovely body wash, tissues etc.)
  • Nursing pads, gel discs, nipple cream
  • A notebook & pen
  • Peri squirty bottle
  • Stool softener
  • Plush toilet paper
  • Water bottle
  • Big maternity pads or maternity nappies



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For Partner

Have a chat with your partner and let them know that they will need to pack a little bag for themselves for the hospital! 

You never know how long you will be in the hospital and it’s important that your partner is organised and comfortable. 

  • Phone & charger
  • Snacks & drinks – always good to have a mixture of nourishing snacks that will keep them going and a bit of sugar for extra energy!
  • Swimwear – if you are planning a water birth or want your partner in the shower with you
  • Helpful tips for labour – any print outs or your birth plan so your partner can help advocate for you
  • Comfortable shoes

Don’t forget

To have the baby car seat installed before you have your baby!!

I would recommend by at least 34 weeks.

It’s always better to be over prepared, than under prepared – but don’t stress about forgetting anything.

Your partner, family or friends can always pick anything up that you may have forgotten!


If you are wanting to dive deeper into this topic and really learn more about understanding, navigating and creating your own circle of support – I invite you to book in for a free discovery call and find out how I can support you in your motherhood Journey.



Ashley Winning - The Motherhood Circle
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