Informed & Advocating for yourself

Many women go through the health care system trusting that everything that is being provided and offered is at their best interest.  Unfortunately, for many women this is just not the case. 

In this weeks episode I interview Tegan a real life mum who advocated for herself and her baby to have a birth experience on her terms.  She was willing to stand up and ask hard questions and take time to think about the impact each road could take her, and her baby.  

Tegan is a confident, empowered first time mother who educated herself during her pregnancy to birth her baby on her terms!


  • We discuss the support and education Tegan had in her motherhood journey
  • What challenges she had to overcome in her pregnancy and birthing experience – including being 38 years old, having a “big baby” and going past 42 weeks
  • Why it’s important you find support 
  • Why you should become your own best advocate! 
  • How to be flexible when things change in your pregnancy journey

More on Tegan!

Tegan is a gorgeous first time mother who is a member of my program Journey into Motherhood.

Tegan knew she wanted to feel supported, safe and calm during her pregnancy and also wanted to be as prepared as she could for postpartum & life with a baby!

Tegan lives in far North rural Qld on a farm with her animals, partner and gorgeous son. 



More on this episode

It can be extremely challenging for pregnant women to be able to have a natural vaginal birth in a hospital setting, as often many women are provided one side of the coin when it comes to being presented with evidenced based information. 

Informed consent is the bare minimum that our health care system should be following, and for many health care providers they simply fail to understand what “informed consent is”  often subjecting women to one side of the coin and using fear tactics to corner women and make them choose a path they do not want to enter (for the sake of a “healthy baby”). 

Without support and the lack of skills to advocate for themselves, in the most vulnerable time of their lives many women are submitting to their plans and being coorced or bullied into choices they themselves do not understand. 

If you want to be informed, educated and advocate for yourself education and support is always the key along side a strong, positive and healthy mindset.  

Resources to Support you

Mindset Resources – Positive Mindset 

Being informed and educated – check out this blog where you can find 17 amazing birthing resources

Stepping into your own Power – check out the blog here!

Want support & guidance on your journey?

Learn more on how I can support you to feel calm, confident and connected in your pregnancy and motherhood journey in my program and membership Journey into Motherhood! 

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