Why I recommend investing in your postpartum

Last week I  shared the experience of a new mother and the struggles she went through in her postpartum.

You can read that post here – The story of the pregnant woman

As you can tell from that story this woman (aka me) didn’t have the right support circle around her to support her through her journey.

I will be honest, it was a painful and lonely journey for me.

It’s the reason I support women so passionately through motherhood now.

I couldn’t stand by and not support new mothers in this magnificent journey.

To have the nurturing love and support all new mothers need & deserve.

I felt that it would be a disservice to new mothers to come, and also new babies coming into this world.

I don’t want women to just survive motherhood and get by, or “get on with it and shut up”.

I want women to thrive!

To feel honoured loved, heard, seen and above all else safe!

This is why I strongly recommend all women about to have a baby to consider paid postpartum support.

Whether this is your first baby, or your third. It is important that you are supported practically & emotionally.

Why you should consider paying for support

  • Consider hiring a Postpartum Doula (someone who comes recommended and who you connect with).

A postpartum doula is a professional and someone who has the experience and or trained to learn how to support new mothers.

She will have a wealth of knowledge to guide you through this time as well as be able to support you practically, with home cooking or cleaning etc.

Read more about a Postpartum Doula here:

Surviving the first few days of Motherhood – How a Postpartum Doula can help here.

Breastfeeding Support​

  • Look into breastfeeding support or educational programs if you want to breastfeed.

You can find a local breastfeeding consultant here

Honestly, a good IBCLC is worth their weight in gold.  If you want to breastfeed and have the best support available to you – do yourself a favour and head straight to a specialist in breastfeeding! ​

Pay for house chores

  • Consider hiring a cleaner, cook, organising a food service, gardener, nanny

Your partner might try and promise that they will cover everything during postpartum. 

That paying for help might be over the top.  But if your partner is anything like my husband they will be thanking you for your ability to see ahead into the future!

Postpartum isn’t just going to put a strain on you as a mother, but your partner will be sleep-deprived and out of sorts. 

This is a huge transition for everyone in the family – and if you ever needed extra support this is the time to organise it! 

Think of the postpartum you dream of and make it happen!

Maybe it means spending a few hundred dollars on baby furniture or clothes rather than thousands of dollars!

Or you sacrifice those newborn baby photographs and take some happy snaps at home on your camera (I mean smart phones these days have amazing quality!).

Or ask family & friends to gift money instead of clothes etc – this way you get the support you need during this time.

Consider your emotional & mindset needs

  • Look at your emotional & mindset needs & find a mentor, guide or coach to support you through this journey

As you heard through my story I was isolated, alone and really missing the loving and supportive guidance of someone with experience in my motherhood journey.

My mindset was screaming out for support.

I wanted someone to talk to, to really listen to me, to vent to, cry to and I would have loved some mum friends who really heard me.

Someone who would tell me I wasn’t a failure! (someone I could dare to tell I was thinking that) Coz let’s be honest – I wasn’t telling many people.

And the ones I was telling often would dismiss my feelings.

I didn’t want surface level chit chat, while that’s nice from time to time I really craved that deep and important connection that’s needed by my personality type.

I’m a deep vibe kinda woman and I crave deep connections.

If you are a deep vibe kinda woman and you know you need this sort of support in your journey.

I’d like to invite you to connect with me in a complimentary video call to see how I can support you.

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