In this episode, we meet Jamie, mother of three little ones!  Jamie recorded this interview just 6 weeks postpartum. 

Jamie had an easy-going first pregnancy.  Was offered a stretch and sweep and after talking to a friend who said it wasn’t painful decided just to accept the intervention. 

Jamie found the S&S very uncomfortable and painful. She laboured through the night and managing the contractions.  She had a second S&S the next day with her baby being born via C-Section and baby being sent to special care.

Ending back in the hospital with an infection and taking the time to process over the next nine months Jamie found herself experiencing birth trauma and PND. 

Jamie then went on to fall pregnant with her second baby, a girl and the first girl in her husband’s family for 90 years!! 

Planning a VBAC with an OBGYN and ended up in another unplanned C-Section. 

We have a really big conversation around PND and birth trauma and how many women are being failed by the system by the lack of support women receive through this process. 

Including some of the long-term impacts of difficulties with bonding with their babies and the stories and mindset challenges of feeling like a failure or not feeling good enough. 

She was determined to have a vaginal birth with her third baby and went back to the hospital setting and found herself wanting a homebirth.  

She booked in with a Doula (unregistered Midwife Martina) around 34 weeks Martina let Jamie know that she didn’t feel she could work with her anymore and that Jamie wasn’t there mindset wise  ( I share my thoughts on what happened here, along with why I feel it’s important for people to understand their roles in birth and understand why they are hiring people to support them in birth, especially for freebirth). 

Fortunately, Jamie was able to connect with another doula who was happy to support her (and who was coincidentally training with her original doula!) and went on to have her powerful and intuitive freebirth! 

Enjoy this episode! 

Ashley x

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